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LEGO® Education Celebrates Champions of Hands-On Learning With Growing Master Educator Program

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LEGO® Education is proud to announce a new cohort of U.S. LEGO Education Master Educators, a community of early learning through high school educators who use LEGO Education hands-on learning solutions in their classrooms. With the new cohort, the U.S. program now includes more than 200 members, representing local school districts from 39 states, who embody the LEGO Education mission of enabling success for all students through hands-on learning.

A recent Harris poll found that fewer than 1 in 5 students feel “very confident” when it comes to learning STEAM subjects, but hands-on learning can help build student confidence, especially within STEAM, according to 99 percent of teachers. LEGO Education provides the solutions and community for educators to further advance hands-on learning and continue to build their students’ confidence with the technical and emotional skills they need to succeed both in the classroom and in life.

“As educators, we teach our students about the value of collaboration and teamwork. Those skills are just as valuable to us, and the community created within the LEGO Education Master Program shows how working together can mean better outcomes for all of our students,” said 2018 LEGO Education Master Educator and teacher Rebecca McKeithen. “I’m constantly learning new things from my peers that I would miss out on without a program like this. As a Master Educator, I benefit from the professional development and ultimately my students do too.”

The LEGO Education Master Educator Program connects like-minded educators to share knowledge and ideas for student success through hands-on learning in classrooms. Participants also provide valuable feedback on solutions and programs to LEGO Education. Applications to join this year’s LEGO Education Master Educator Program U.S. cohort are still open and interested educators are encouraged to apply. Program eligibility will be added for additional countries later this year.

LEGO Education welcomes the following U.S. educators to the 2019 program:

Ali Dogan

Andrew McCormick

Becky Au

Ali Schilpp

Anne-Marie DiFranco

Becky Schnekser

Betsy Vela

Erik Murray

Jessica Heckman

Bradley Ashley

Esther Martosoetjipto

Joanne Biltz

Brandon Peaster

Frank Caccavale

Joe Williams

Bruce Hill

Geoff Cyr

John Thomas

Candida Plotkin

Gina Nakahara

Julia Dweck

Carmela Brown

Hermelinda Talley

Katelyn Kelly

Carol Munn

Ingrid Cruz

Kathy Frears

Chelsea Abreu

Isaiamuthu Prem Sankar

Katie Bostian

Chris Campbell

Jacob Luevano

Katie Gardner

Christine Romano

Janet Correll

Katie Kelley

Cissy Burns

Jason Atkinson

Kimberly Lane

Dan Thomas

Jennifer Kling

Kristen Fulgenzio

Daniel Aktas

Jennifer Moon

Lesa Wang

Darcie Startz

Jennifer O’Sullivan

Maggie Cox

Derrick Ramsey

Jennifer Walker

Maria Garcia

Eduardo Zurita

Jenny Miles

Mark Case

Emily Jones

Jesse Hurlburt

Mary Alice Hudson

Eric Greene

Jessica Day

Matt Staggs

Erik Barton

Jessica Gafford

Maura Rojas

Michael Jacobson

Philip Capasso III

Terry Price

Michele Rogers

Rebecca Gorlin

Theresa Goltermann

Michelle Brown

Rita Thurston

Tonya Robbins

Mindy Bissett

Robert Holcomb

Traci Wood

Mindy Freeman Rosen

Scott Hatfield

Travis Russell

Naomi Harm

Scott Reece

Tzvi Hametz

Nicole Buchanan

Sophie Chambers

Vanessa Robinson

Nicole Ortiz

Stacy Dzbenski

Victoria Despres

Patricia Chung

Steve Springer

Patricia Smeyers

Suzette Gagnon

“Students have been taught to regurgitate information instead of how to work through problems, try new things and, most importantly, fail a few times,” said middle school technology teacher and new 2019 LEGO Education Master Educator Dan Thomas. “As a LEGO Education Master Educator, I’m excited to bring the joy and excitement of playing with LEGO to the classroom. It truly is applicable to any class, grade level or curriculum.”

To learn more about the program and how to apply, please visit: Master Educators serve as volunteer ambassadors of LEGO Education.

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LEGO® Education offers hands-on, playful STEAM learning experiences based on the LEGO® system of bricks, hardware, software and content for students and their teachers in early learning, primary, and secondary education as well as through after-school programs and competitions. These solutions create an environment for active, collaborative learning where students build skills for their future, a lifelong love for learning and confidence in their ability to learn and solve problems, setting them up for lifelong success.

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