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Lemnis Technologies to Exhibit at SIGGRAPH 2019

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Company: Lemnis Technologies
Booth/Stand: 721
Event: SIGGRAPH 2019
Jul 28 – Aug 1, 2019
Los Angeles, CA, US

About Lemnis Technologies

Lemnis Technologies is a team of passionate scientists and engineers on a mission to make Mixed Reality viable as the next computing platform. With technology proven by science, backed by research publications and pending patents, Lemnis Technologies aim to set a new standard for visual fidelity in head-mounted displays. They pioneered the award-winning Verifocal™ platform introduced at SIGGRAPH 2018 and won a CES 2019 Innovation Award for their Verifocal™ VR Kit. At SIGGRAPH 2019, they will be showcasing Verifocal™ Mixed Reality headsets with a new generation eye tracker. A technology company incorporated in Singapore since 2017, Lemnis counts 9 full-time employees including 4 PhDs who have written close to 40 international publications. More information at