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LemonadeLXP Experiences Growth in First Half of 2020, Increases Client Roster

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LemonadeLXP, the all-in-one learning experience platform for financial institutions (FIs), reports growth in its client base by 81 percent during the first half of 2020. The company also expanded its partnerships and experienced an increase in overall client engagement.

Earlier this year, LemonadeLXP offered a free three-month trial of Digital Academy, its customer support and digital adoption platform that allows FIs to quickly author an online hub for customers featuring technology walkthroughs. This supported FIs during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic as they helped transition employees and customers to digital channels.

“While the pandemic made for a tricky first half of the year, launching the Digital Academy premium feature in January turned out to be a timely decision,” said John Findlay, CEO, LemonadeLXP. “As FIs reduce branch services, they need ways to support frontline staff and customers as they migrate to digital channels. During the second half of the year we’ll be ready to provide FIs with continued nimble digital adoption tools and effective distance learning solutions.”

During Q1 and Q2, LemonadeLXP was selected by:

LemonadeLXP also partnered with U.K.-based RB Compliance Consultancy Limited (RBCCL), a leading player in compliance-related training, to develop engaging compliance training for U.K. and European FIs. For RBCCL’s clients who usually avoid compliance courses, LemonadeLXP converts the content into an entertaining and digestible learning experience.

LemonadeLXP’s clients saw strong engagement rates and training results through the first half of the year. For example, the staff at PlainsCapital Bank increased its learning average by 30 percent, from 63 percent to 93 percent. Employees at Renasant Bank also spent a significant amount of time on the platform this year. The bank had more than 780 active users who completed 126,602 training steps.

Findlay added, “Financial institutions, like the rest of society, are now adjusting to the ’new normal.’ As customers continue to turn to digital channels, it’s important for staff to be properly trained, whether they are working remotely as call center staff or on the frontline as a branch teller. We’re looking forward to helping more financial institutions with effective training programs that turn employees into digital experts and universal bankers who specialize in everything and can help customers with any questions.”

About LemonadeLXP

LemonadeLXP is an award-winning learning experience platform that transforms corporate training into addictive game-based microlearning. Unlike gamification platforms that slap game tactics onto existing training content, LemonadeLXP morphs the entire learning experience into games, so employees learn through play. Using a unique combination of serious games, product simulations, role-play scenarios, and powerful analytics, LemonadeLXP offers a refreshing approach to corporate training that delivers better, measurable training in less time. For more information, contact