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LetsBab Selected for Startup Grind’s 2019 Accelerate Program Powered by Google for Startups

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LetsBab has been selected by Startup
, powered by Google for Startups, as one of the top startups
inducted into the 2019 Accelerate Program. Additionally, LetsBab will be
a featured startup for the Startup Exhibition in the Grind category at
the 2019
Startup Grind Europe Conference
held June 6 in London.

“It is such a great opportunity to be recognised by Startup Grind at
this stage of our journey,” said Bonnie Takhar, Founder and CEO. “It is
a fantastic platform for LetsBab to get in front of a targeted community
and accelerate our growth.”

About LetsBab

LetsBab is a marketplace, where you can shop and share products with
your friends, and best of all get paid for it in cash. The platform pays
real people for their recommendations, which they can keep or donate.
Until its launch the only people getting paid for their influence were
influencers/bloggers, with companies spending billions on influencer
marketing. LetsBab would like a big chunk of this to go to the every
person. To use LetsBab you don’t need a social media footprint, a
following or likes, just an authentic voice and a passion for the brands
you share. Download the app at

About Startup Grind

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Startup Grind also hosts two flagship conferences annually — the Global
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