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Leveraging Advanced Analytics to Build a Healthcare Dashboard that Aids Decision Making | Quantzig’s New Success Story

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A global data analytics and advisory firm, Quantzig, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems has announced the completion of its latest success story- ‘Leveraging Advanced Analytics to Build a Healthcare Dashboard for a Canadian Healthcare Services Provider.’

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In the modern digitalized world, maintaining healthcare records in spreadsheets and generating manual reports are considered obsolete and it might result in inaccurate reports. Managing vast healthcare datasets has become a challenge for healthcare providers across the world. Thus, leveraging data analytics in healthcare to build an analytics dashboard is the need of the hour. Moreover, such analytics dashboards can provide real-time insights that aid decision making in healthcare.

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Engagement Overview

The client is a leading Canadian healthcare services provider. With an increase in data volumes, the healthcare services provider identified the need to make medical data accessible across all the levels of the organization. Since this was only possible by deploying an advanced analytics dashboard, the client approached us looking to leverage our capabilities in building and deploying advanced data dashboards.

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“One of the main reasons that have impelled healthcare organizations to leverage the use of advanced analytics dashboards is its ability to empower its users to effectively monitor and track data by providing real-time insights,” says an advanced analytics expert from Quantzig.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

To help the client tackle their challenges, our healthcare data analytics experts came up with a solution that was based on leveraging data analytics. We also deployed an advanced analytics dashboard that helped the client in several ways. Primarily it helped the client to improve the accessibility of existing datasets. Secondarily it helped in understanding the key performance metrics.

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Quantzig’s advanced analytics solutions helped the client to:

  • Transform unstructured datasets into assets powered by analytics
  • Improve the accuracy of their operations by 45%
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