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LexFusion, a Go-to-Market Collective of Leading Legal Innovation Companies, Officially Launches

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LexFusion, a go-to-market collective of leading legal innovation companies, officially launched operations today. Led by legal innovation veterans Joe Borstein and Paul Stroka, LexFusion is the legal professional’s first call to modernize legal practice and operations (via cutting-edge technology, global services and process expertise).

LexFusion’s purpose is to grease the slow-moving gears of commerce in the legal industry. LexFusion has created a trusted community of excellent, non-competitive, and complementary legal innovation companies. These member companies represent most mature categories in the market, including: a legal talent selection platform, litigation technology and services, contract lifecycle technology and services, law firm support and time keeping, and deal technology and services. While wholly independent and laser-focused on their individual missions, each of these companies has chosen to become a member of the LexFusion go-to-market collective. Together, the members of the LexFusion collective offer a comprehensive set of technologies and services unmatched in the industry which will rapidly accelerate legal innovation.

“The legal profession is waking up to a ‘Cambrian explosion’ of innovation,” Mr. Stroka said, but “many potential customers (Biglaw Partners, General Counsel, and Legal Operations Leaders) are not enjoying the promised benefits. In fact, the customers are forced to endure a chaotic onslaught of cold outreach which obscures, rather than illuminates, the value being created. For the rational optimists who believe the legal profession of tomorrow can, will, and must be better than it is today, LexFusion will bring order to this chaos.”

Mr. Borstein is a veteran of the legal innovation world, having held both domestic and global growth-leadership roles at Pangea3 (via Thomson Reuters and EY). Joe is a founding member of the advisory board of the University of Pennsylvania’s Carey School of Law Institute for the Future of the Profession. He is also an investor and advisor to numerous legal innovation companies.

Mr. Stroka has over 15 years of experience counseling law firm and corporate law departments on the right mix of people, process, and technology. Also hailing from Pangea3 (via Thomson Reuters and EY), Paul led outside technology and augmented intelligence collaborations across the legal ecosystem. Prior to joining Pangea3, Paul practiced law for almost a decade in Chicago (after graduating from Georgetown University and the University of Virginia School of Law).

According to Eric Laughlin, CEO of Agiloft, one of LexFusion’s members, “Joe and Paul’s unique perspective comes from being two of the best networked individuals in the legal ecosystem today; they are harnessing that perspective to curate a go-to-market collective of innovative providers that can bring a cohesive solution set to firms and legal departments.”