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Life Image and Bialogics Analytics Partner to Enable Provider Organizations to Optimize Operations, Interoperability

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, the world’s largest global network for sharing clinical and
imaging data that is powered by industry leading interoperability
standards, and Bialogics
, a leading provider of business intelligence analytics,
today announced they have formed a strategic partnership that will
streamline access to analytics of medical imaging in order to help
provider organizations enhance operational and financial performance,
and improve patient satisfaction.

Based in Toronto, Bialogics is a Canadian company who shares a similar
mission with Life Image to eliminate data silos and democratize data
through interoperability using common standards. Developed over eight
years with industry partners and healthcare clients, Bialogics’
analytical platform is a vendor-agnostic analytical platform for medical
imaging that is easily integrated into existing hospital systems.
Through this partnership, the Bialogics analytical tool is being offered
to Life Image’s large global network of hospital and health systems to
help organizations gather data from mission-critical clinical systems
isolated within hospitals, physician practices and regional
infrastructures. Data that is typically locked up in individual
applications include admissions, discharge, transfer, order entry,
pharmacy, laboratory, digital imaging and medical records.

“Without question, the way imaging data has been collected and managed
has advanced significantly. This data represents a treasure trove of
information that is of significant strategic value that, until recently,
has been untapped due to structure, format, and interoperability
challenges,” said Jeff Vachon, President, Bialogics. “Through this
partnership, Life Image customers can use the Bialogics data engine to
capture data flowing from common standards such as DICOM, HL7, XML and
FHIR. Implementation does not require complex interfaces or
integrations, saving time and resources with an immediate ROI. Users can
perform analysis from their desktop without the need to request and wait
months for IT-driven reports.”

As a result of the partnership, Life Image customers are able to analyze
their entire operation, including image management, procedure
management, practice management, and in-depth workflow analysis.
Healthcare organizations, in turn, can use the information to be more
efficient and effective in providing care to patients. For example,
providers can optimize procedure times to increase overall efficiency,
improve scheduling and productivity, decrease patient wait time and
length of office stay, expedite patient treatment plans, increase
utilization of modality assets, and, potentially, increase throughput
and billing revenue.

“There is a growing emphasis across healthcare on prescriptive
analytics, as more users want to be able to embed analytics into key
processes and patient care management systems. This trend is driving
both Life Image and Bialogics to continue pursuing our shared mission:
democratizing data and improving interoperability,” said Matthew
Michela, President and CEO, Life Image. “Partnering with Bialogics is an
effective way for us to leverage the power of the Life Image network and
infuse it with Bialogics’ market-leading analytics tools to help
organizations improve their clinical and operational workflows and
deliver the highest quality care possible.”

About Bialogics Analytics

Bialogics Analytics provides fully interoperable and innovative data
transformation solutions for healthcare providers and industry partners
that support the data management requirements for the emerging markets
of AI, ML and Business Intelligence. Bialogics AI-Ready, Business
Intelligence Platform, has been developed in collaboration with
healthcare clients and business partners, we set out to build a true
vendor agnostic platform for Medical Imaging Administrators and
Physicians, incorporating a comprehensive tool-set to measure and
improve patient access to diagnostic imaging, procedural appropriateness
performance management and operational cost and efficiencies. The
pursuit of our vision has resulted in a unique data engine designed to
support business intelligence, AI, and Machine Learning applications –
simple, cost-effective, and powerful. For more information please visit:

About Life Image

With its beginnings in medical image exchange, Life Image now
orchestrates the flow of any and all clinical information across the
patient’s journey, in real time, to help care teams and researchers make
informed decisions. Founded in 2008, Life Image has spent the past
decade innovating and building an interoperable network ecosystem
connecting hospitals, physicians, patients, pharmaceuticals, medical
device, telehealth and EHRs. Today, the Life Image network connects over
1,500 facilities in the United States and 8,000 affiliated sites,
including 8 of the top 10 U.S. hospitals, with 150,000 U.S. providers
and 58,000 clinics globally.

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