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LifeSciences BC Call to Action – COVID-19; All BC Medical Suppliers, Manufactures and Laboratories

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As COVID-19 places a strain on urgent patient care and therapeutic treatments, a critical need has developed for medical supplies that are indispensable on the front line. To address this crucial need, LifeSciences BC has taken on the role of identifying, creating and collecting medical equipment to enable dispensing of vital patient care treatment without interruption.

We are currently coordinating the identification of all biotech labs, companies and digital/medical manufactures to generate an inventory detailing available supply of gloves, masks, protective eye wear, respirators, reagents, endotracheal tubing and other items available on short notice.

It is our community’s commitment to create a supply chain that is a fluid and up-to-date inventory of medical source materials that could be provided rapidly to provincial hospitals, thereby providing a major solution to managing any shortages during the COVID-19 outbreak.

If you have medical equipment, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) or if you are able to manufacture critical care equipment that can be inventoried, picked up, and supplied to health authorities for use on the front line, please distribute these forms. Circulating these forms as widely as possible, will serve to identify, coordinate and manage the collection and distribution of critical supply chain medical resources in this time of COVID-19.


BC COVID-19 Needs Submission Form:

BC COVID-19 Haves Submission Form:

If you have any questions, please email