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Lightbits Labs Awarded Patent

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Lightbits Labs™ (Lightbits), a leader in NVMe-optimized, software-defined elastic block storage for private and edge clouds, today announced it has been assigned a patent (11,09,3408) for “a system and method for optimizing write amplification of non-volatile memory storage media.”

The abstract of the patent (11,09,3408) published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: A system and a method of managing storage of cached data objects on a non-volatile memory (NVM) computer storage media including at least one NVM storage device, by at least one processor, may include: receiving one or more data objects having respective Time to Live (TTL) values; storing the one or more data objects and respective TTL values at one or more physical block addresses (PBAs) of the storage media; and performing a garbage collection (GC) process on one or more PBAs of the storage media based on at least one TTL value stored at a PBA of the storage media.

The patent (11,09,3408) application was filed on June 3, 2019 (16/429,304).

Inventors: Alexander Solganik, Adir Gabai, Shmuel Ben-Yehuda, Eran Kirzner, Abel Alkon Gordon

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Lightbits Labs is leading the digital data center transformation in the enterprise by delivering scalable and efficient cloud-optimized, software-defined elastic block storage (EBS) on-premises that is easy to consume. Pioneers of the NVMe™ over TCP (NVMe/TCP) protocol, making low latency application access available to enterprise IT organizations supporting high-performance databases, big data analytics, and web-scale environments using either virtual or container-based architectures. Lightbits LightOS storage is designed to maximize the utility of NVMe, for IT organizations who want simplicity, performance, and flexibility for their Private and Edge clouds.

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