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Lighthouse Launches CloudCompass for Microsoft 365 at Legaltech New York

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Lighthouse, a leader in technology-enabled ediscovery, compliance and information governance services, today released CloudCompass, a complete services program designed to keep businesses ahead of impacts to legal and compliance caused by dynamic and constantly evolving cloud technology. For over 20 years, Lighthouse has been a premier partner of Microsoft, working in step to develop solutions for ediscovery and information governance, which uniquely positions the company to provide effective risk mitigation strategies around current and forthcoming releases of Microsoft 365.

“As the majority of our corporate clients have made the transition to the cloud, it is critical to proactively mitigate the legal, compliance and privacy risks associated with even slight modifications or nuanced releases in cloud software,” said Chris Dahl, Vice President of Product Development and Advisory Services at Lighthouse. “Lighthouse has a deep-seated partnership with Microsoft, which significantly bolsters our ability to provide best-in-class education, strategy and consulting to defensibly align information governance and ediscovery programs with ever-changing cloud computing software.”

In January 2017, Lighthouse launched its first-ever suite of services around Office 365 to enhance clients’ ediscovery programs and leverage their existing Office 365 ediscovery solutions to drive efficiency. In the years following, the Global Advisory Services segment of the organization continued to develop the company’s expertise around Office 365 and has since broadened the scope of the program to include Microsoft 365, which will provide clients comprehensive strategies and best practices to maintain privacy requirements and regulatory compliance standards without assuming the lift and cost of dedicated internal resources.

Lighthouse CloudCompass is offered in a three-tiered program covering a range of services categorized in the following areas: education, assessment, certification, implementation and managed services.

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