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Lightrun Brings Live Production Code Observability to Node.js Applications, Including Third-Party Dependencies

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Lightrun, the leader in IDE-native observability, today announced support for JavaScript’s most popular back-end run-time, Node.js. Lightrun becomes the first observability platform to offer granular code-level observability into running Javascript applications and their external dependencies.

With the release, Lightrun is supporting Node.js, the Webstorm IDE, and popular JavaScript web application frameworks like Express, Koa and more. Lightrun allows deep Node.js code-level inspection capabilities directly within WebStorm and Intellij IDEs, giving JavaScript developers the ability to examine not only their running code on Node.js, but also running code for any other third party software package running on their Node.js applications.

“There are more than one million JavaScript packages in the npm registry, and the number of great technologies developers can tap into is one of the things that makes JavaScript such a thriving ecosystem,” said Ilan Peleg, Co-Founder and CEO at Lightrun. “But with such a massive catalogue of third party dependencies comes a large amount of complexity. Specifically, with so many moving parts, it’s hard to reproduce problems locally – you need to understand not only your own application but also code issues related to third party packages your application relies on, and the infrastructure the application is running on. Lightrun gives JavaScript developers observability tooling that is integrated into the development workflow, into the IDE, into the CLI – and enables you to debug in real time, while the application is still running in production.”

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Lightrun is a Tel Aviv-based startup that is transforming the developer experience, by bringing an innovative developer-native observability platform that empowers dev teams to take full ownership of their code, from development to production. The company is the first to bring “shift left” observability, giving developers deeper insights into running applications by allowing them to insert logs, metrics and traces during runtime. Boasting the richest set of observability pillar tools for observing applications directly from within the IDE, Lightrun simplifies every aspect of incident resolution. Lightrun is ISO-27001 certified and is proud to have some of the most innovative technology companies in the world as customers, including Taboola, Sisense, Tufin and more. For more information, visit