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LimeLight Launches New Mastercard Compliance Toolkit to Protect eCommerce Sellers & Subscribers

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the leading end-to-end eCommerce engine designed to maximize revenue for
subscription businesses, today launched a new toolkit built to quickly
and easily help online merchants operate within Mastercard’s new
Continuity Regulations. This new toolkit enhances LimeLight’s unified
eCommerce engine, which provides flexible billing, advanced analytics,
fraud protection and more than 400 partner integrations.

Mastercard’s new regulations are designed to protect against unfair
“negative option billing”, where consumers are not fully aware of what
they are agreeing to when signing up for a free or discounted trial,
then are automatically billed full price when the trial period ends.
Subscription-based businesses accepting payment through Mastercard must
now adopt a host of new procedures to ensure full transparency and
billing consent. LimeLight’s new toolkit streamlines this process for
its roster of subscription-based brands.

“As with any new regulation, the confusion about how to come into
compliance can cost businesses significant time and revenue,” said Brian
Bogosian, LimeLight CEO. “At LimeLight, we are constantly innovating to
take this kind of hard work off our sellers’ shoulders so they can focus
on serving their customers and growing their business. With this new set
of tools, not only are we protecting our sellers, but we are also
supporting Mastercard in its efforts to bring greater transparency and
consumer protection to the subscription economy.”

The LimeLight Mastercard compliance toolkit is easily deployed into any
subscription service that provides new customers with free or discounted
initial offers, providing merchants with:

  • Offer Site Capture: Mastercard now requires that merchants
    preserve the URL of any initial offer site for later verification. New
    LimeLight parameters ensure the URL for all new orders is connected to
    every transaction so that the site is viewable, stored on the
    transaction, and transmitted to the processing bank.
  • Flexible Trial Duration: The new regulations state that the
    “trial period” for any subscription can only begin once the customer
    physically receives their trial product. LimeLight can now be easily
    configured to take into account average fulfillment and delivery times
    in order to start their customer’s trial once the product is in their
  • Rebill Consent Alerts: In order to provide greater billing
    transparency, Mastercard requires that, after the trial period ends,
    customers consent to their next purchase rather than automatic
    rebilling. LimeLight allows these transactions to be flagged for
    consent and have customers automatically alerted at the correct time
    via Email.
  • Easy Cancellation & Decline Transaction Notifications: In
    accordance with the new regulations, LimeLight helps merchants keep
    customers constantly informed both about their ability to cancel and
    any instances where transactions were declined.

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About LimeLight:

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Limelight is an end-to-end eCommerce
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