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Lincoln University Selects Ellucian to Take Business Operations and Strategy to the Cloud

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Ellucian, the leading provider of software and services built to power higher education, today announced that Lincoln University of Missouri has elected to move Ellucian Colleague to the cloud and adopt Ellucian Analytics. Deployed in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, Colleague will enable campus-wide innovation and enhance the experience for students, faculty and staff, while Analytics will allow for deeper insight into institutional data.

Evolving from an on-premise to SaaS deployment of Colleague will help Lincoln University modernize outdated manual processes, better accommodate anticipated growth, and keep pace with student and staff expectations. Colleague SaaS will also allow the university’s technical staff to shift focus from infrastructure maintenance and manual upgrades to the support of more strategic initiatives and core institutional goals. By strengthening its digital presence, Lincoln University will drive student engagement and productivity, enable greater visibility into academic standing and ensure that students have control over their own progress and timeline to graduation.

“Ellucian has been vital in helping the university identify ways to increase our efficiency,” said Lincoln University President Dr. Jerald Jones Woolfolk. “By moving to the cloud, our faculty, staff and, most importantly, the students we serve will benefit from more up-to-date processes and streamlined procedures. For our students this means they can focus more on being in the classroom, rather than being caught in the middle of some of our more outdated business practices.”

The university will leverage Ellucian Analytics to create a unified view of its data surfaced across multiple sources, boosting efficiency, accuracy, and consistency across the institution. The solution’s intuitive, role-based content helps institutions transform data into actionable insights that drive student success, institutional growth and operational efficiency.

“Lincoln University’s move to the cloud will be a catalyst for innovation and improved business practices––we are thrilled to be a part of this transformation,” said Ellucian President and CEO Laura Ipsen. “With cloud solutions at the core of its technology infrastructure, Lincoln University will be able to focus on accomplishing its strategic initiatives, including creating a truly personalized student experience while streamlining the user experience for faculty and administration.”

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