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LIVE IT LTD and SSTC Inc Join Forces to Increase Venue Capacity During COVID

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SSTC and LIVE IT have announced their new system DSD: Dynamic Social Distancing that aims to maximise the capacity at events whilst sticking to social distancing guidelines. The system allows venue owners to get more people seated meaning greater revenues and so less impact from social distancing and can be adjusted as guidelines change.

LIVE IT’s Sales Director Charles A. Bruner said, “DSD has shown increases in occupancy of upwards of 30% over the best existing methods which, besides maximising revenue, could mean the difference between a viable operation or closure for many organisations.”

DSD: Dynamic Social Distancing system uses advanced algorithms to dynamically optimise available venue seating while sales are being made. It allows organisers to implement social distancing rules and regulations while optimising for the maximum safely allowable occupancy.

“Automating social distancing by utilizing seating algorithms as in the DSD: Dynamic Social Distancing product, is one way that event organizations and venues, can transition from lockdowns to greater capacity at live events.” noted Jim Brown, Director, SSTC Inc.

DSD is exclusively available in the UK from LIVE IT one of the UKs leading suppliers of ticketing solutions and technology.

DSD works with most digital event management and ticketing software solutions and is available now.


About SSTC Inc: SSTC is an integrated event management solutions provider. Our solutions are in use by some of the largest live events venues across the continent.

About LIVE IT: LIVE IT is a ticketing agency committed to delivering the best technology, strategies and techniques for our clients to sell more tickets for their events. LIVE IT provides ticketing worldwide across multiple sectors and venues.