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LiveCarta Introduces Distance Learning Advisory Board

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LiveCarta, a leading developer of digital platforms for remote learning and publishing, today announced the appointments of four global leaders to its new corporate advisory board. The multidisciplinary board is composed of leaders from across the education sector.

“LiveCarta was founded to free educators from the traditional, restrictive models that limit their ability to produce and distribute best-in-class educational content for their students,” said Richard Speakman, President at LiveCarta. “By working closely with this world-class panel of experts, we will be better positioned to address the market demands for remote learning materials in the hybrid digital classrooms that have been forced upon students and educators as a result of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.”

LiveCarta has designed collaborative publishing platforms and portals that make it easy for educators and students to make use of the best teaching materials and digital supplements. With a unique design for revenue-sharing among authors and a purpose-built architecture for real-time updates and revisioning, LiveCarta has introduced unique digital-first solutions that offer unprecedented flexibility for authors, educators and students.

The new members of the LiveCarta Advisory Board are:

Jack Lerner, J.D.

Jack Lerner is a Clinical Professor of Law at the University of California, Irvine School of Law and the Director of the UCI Intellectual Property, Arts, and Technology Clinic. Since 2008, Professor Lerner has been the Executive Editor of the award-winning treatise Internet Law and Practice in California (CEB). Professor Lerner’s work focuses on problems at the intersection of law and technology, particularly how technology law and policy affect innovation and freedom of expression. He has written and spoken widely on copyright, privacy and other areas of technology law. He received a B.A., with distinction, in English from the University of Kansas and a J.D. from Harvard Law School.

James E. Simon, Ph.D.

James Simon is a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Plant Biology and Director, New Use Agriculture and Natural Plant Products Program in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS), and Director of the Rutgers Center for Agricultural Food Ecosystems in the New Jersey Institute of Food, Health at Nutrition at Rutgers University. Dr. Simon is nationally and internationally recognized as one of the leading global horticultural and medicinal and aromatic plant authorities. He specializes in natural products and quality control, food systems, and in developing strong partnerships between the university and private sector for commercialization to use agriculture and indigenous plants as an economic driver to improve health, nutrition and create economic opportunities for rural communities. Dr. Simon has received many academic, government and industry scientific awards and honors for his research around the world. He received a B.A. in agriculture from Empire State College, an M.S. Plant Nutrition/Management from Oregon State University and a Ph.D. in Environmental Stress Physiology from the University of Massachusetts. He was a Professor at Purdue University for 17 years and has been at Rutgers University since 2000.

Michael Klinghoffer, Ph.D.

Michael Klinghoffer is an Artist, Educator and Innovator who tours often as a bass performer, as a teacher, as a conductor and is a sought-after lecturer. He has earned a Master of Music degree from Yale School of Music and a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the Hartt School, University of Hartford. He has also done Post-Doctoral work at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He is a Full Professor at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, where in addition to his Double Bass studio he also conducted several orchestras, coached chamber music and taught classes on Music History, Aesthetics and Pedagogy. Currently, he serves as Vice President for Academic Affairs. Along with his academic commitments and performing engagements, he devotes much time and energy to working with young people of diverse backgrounds in Israel and all over the world.

Bradford C. Auerbach, J.D.

Brad Auerbach is a Partner at Outside GC LLC and has served as Strategic Business Development Officer, Executive VP, General Counsel or Head Counsel for an influential range of global companies (HP, Qualcomm and Philips), providing business affairs and business development expertise. Mr. Auerbach has had success in structuring many groundbreaking deals with a diverse range of rights holders, including NFL, NBA, NHL, HBO, ESPN, Live Nation, Marvel Entertainment, International Olympic Committee, English Premier League, Screen Actors Guild, every Hollywood studio, each of the major record labels, Sesame Workshop, The Smithsonian Institution, National Geographic and Getty Images, among others. He teaches at University of California San Diego’s School of Global Policy and Strategy and also at Berklee College of Music’s Master’s Business Program. He received a B.A. in Government from Hamilton College and a J.D. from Boston College School of Law.

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