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LiveRamp Completes Acquisition of Data Plus Math

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LiveRamp® (NYSE: RAMP), the trusted platform that makes data accessible and meaningful, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Data Plus Math, a media measurement company that works with brands, agencies, cable operators, streaming TV services, and networks to tie cross-screen ad exposure with real-world outcomes.

“Today’s announcement represents a historic step in LiveRamp’s evolution toward providing the industry with a better way to plan, buy and measure television,” said Scott Howe, CEO of LiveRamp. “I’m pleased to welcome Data Plus Math to the LiveRamp family. Together, we are unlocking the power of data-driven TV for the entire ecosystem.”

TV advertising is the most powerful way for marketers to reach a wide audience, but it has historically lacked the ability to deliver people-based addressability and measurement across channels. By combining the reach and scale of TV with the outcome-driven capabilities marketers require, brands and agencies can now better coordinate the customer journey, deliver more relevant messaging, and tie TV campaigns to measurable return on investment (ROI). This move strengthens LiveRamp’s network and expands its ability to power experiences across the entire customer journey, all in a privacy-conscious way.

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