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LLamasoft Introduces New Taxes and Duties Analytics Capabilities

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LLamasoft, the leading provider of enterprise supply chain design and decision-making solutions, announces it is expanding its supply chain platform to deliver purpose-built analytics for evaluating alternate business strategies in response to new international taxes and duties. The enhanced capability gives multinational enterprises the ability to fully evaluate new sourcing, procurement, and distribution strategies to minimize the impact of taxes and duties on their total cost to serve customers around the world.

With regulatory fees comprising as much as 35% of the total product cost for some global businesses, understanding the effects of fluctuating taxes, tariffs and duties before they commit their resources to a course of action enables companies to make supply chains operating decisions that maximize profitability and increase resilience against future changes. Out of recognition that global supply chains are complex, nonlinear networks, the new capability provides an accurate picture of end-to-end costs across product flows and greater insight into the cost implications of alternate sourcing, production and transportation scenarios. The new capability will be available to all users of Supply Chain Guru X, LLamasoft’s flagship supply chain design application.

“The world’s largest companies rely on LLamasoft to answer some of their most complex supply chain questions,” said Razat Gaurav, CEO, LLamasoft. “Recent changes in the regulatory environment and continued economic volatility require global businesses to take a systemic approach to enabling better enterprise decisions. By continuously developing data-driven insights leveraging advanced algorithms and AI, LLamasoft provides rapid access to optimal operating strategies and allows businesses to quickly operationalize those decisions.”

For over 15 years, LLamasoft has been leading the industry by providing strategic, end-to-end supply chain analytics to evaluate scenarios, optimize and transform supply chain networks – in all industry sectors – from oil and gas, high-tech, consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, apparel to life sciences, aerospace and defense, pharma, agrobusiness, retail and more. Many of the company’s more than 750 customers participated in LLamasoft’s Taxes and Duties Advisory Board to share their experiences and help shape the new capability.

“As a member of LLamasoft’s Taxes and Duties User Advisory Group, we appreciate having an opportunity to provide input for this new capability that directly impacts our business bottom line,” said Jake Grasmick, Global Network, Trade, & Freight Analyst for Shell Lubricants. “We can analyze various network sourcing scenarios to see the ramifications of levied taxes and duties along with mitigation factors such as Free Trade Agreements that may be available to our various product lines. This enhanced analysis enables us to have an optimized end-to-end supply chain whereby we can make the best decisions for our business on a continuous basis.”

To learn more, please register for the Oct. 30th webinar, Beyond the Trade War: A Proactive Approach to Reducing Uncertainty and the Cost of Cross-Border Trade. Jared Lapin and Debjit Banerjee, principals at LLamasoft’s partner Bain & Company, will present an executive-level view of the US-China trade war, its impact on duties and tariffs, as well as supply chain strategies to consider. Click here to register.

Visit the LLamasoft Global Trade Considerations solution page at to learn more.

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