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LLamasoft Named to Inbound Logistics’ 2019 Top 100 IT Providers List

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a global leader in supply chain design and decisioning solutions,
announced today that it has been recognized by Inbound Logistics,
a leading supply chain publication, as a 2019 Top 100 Logistics IT
Provider. LLamasoft was selected from more than 400 entrants for its
advanced supply chain design and decisioning software, which enables its
nearly 700 customers to model and optimize their supply chain networks
to improve cost, service, sustainability and risk mitigation.

Each year, Inbound Logistics recognizes 100 logistics IT
companies whose solutions are central for solving transportation,
logistics and supply chain challenges for business logistics managers.
Editors select the top 100 organizations whose capabilities best match
the supply chain needs of today’s businesses. The companies named to the
2019 list are industry leaders whose offerings provide scalability,
simplicity, fast ROI and ease of implementation.

LLamasoft’s platform, empowering innovation fueled by insight, combines
four distinct technologies to deliver enterprise-wide decision support
capability; data model, supply chain solvers, real world what-if
scenarios and the micro app builder. Business leaders can determine how
internal and external factors, such as evolving customer expectations, a
drive toward sustainability, and legislative and economic forces can
impact their supply chain operations. LLamasoft’s technology allows many
of the world’s biggest brands—including General Motors, Home Depot, Coca
Cola and others—to create digital twins of their supply chains in order
to model the impact of changes in a risk-free environment.

“To remain competitive, businesses need the ability to make short and
long-term supply chain decisions aided by insights delivered with
advanced analytics,” said Razat Gaurav, CEO of LLamasoft. “Our team is
dedicated to enabling all functions across the enterprise to make
data-driven decisions about how to use their supply chains to meet
rapidly changing business needs. We’re proud to see the tremendous
impact LLamasoft has had on the supply chain industry and to be
recognized on this Top 100 IT providers list.”

“When choosing the 2019 Top 100 Logistics IT Providers, Inbound
editors looked at excellence in optimizing supply chain,
logistics and transportation operations” said Felecia Stratton, editor
at Inbound Logistics. “Strategically, editors make their
selections based on how transformative solutions impact those business
activities driving integration across internal and external business
processes. LLamasoft was selected because its solutions solve specific
logistics challenges, improve processes and create a ripple effect of
efficiencies across the entire enterprise value chain.”

To view the full list of winners, please visit Inbound Logistics’
website at

About LLamasoft, Inc.

supply chain digital design and decision software helps organizations
worldwide design and improve their supply chain operations. LLamasoft
solutions enable companies across a wide range of industries to model,
optimize and simulate their supply chain network, leading to major
improvements in cost, service, sustainability and risk mitigation.
Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, LLamasoft is a leader in supply
chain excellence and innovation, advancing technology focused on
continuous improvement of enterprise supply chains for the world’s
largest organizations.

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