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Location-Based Virtual Sneaker Game Steps Deeper Into the Metaverse With Real-Time Weather Release!

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Aglet, the location-based virtual sneaker experience, announced today the release of its live-weather integration. Players will now face a new variable in the gameplay as the weather will impact the amount of Aglet players earn as they walk and move around in the world. Aglet is part of a growing consortium of companies in the early stages of building a metaverse. Now, the real weather conditions outside will impact players’ digital collecting and earning experience in the game.

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Weather Changes the Game (Graphic: Business Wire)

Weather Changes the Game (Graphic: Business Wire)

“Our main thesis is that gaming is eating the world,” co-founder and CEO Ryan Mullins said. “We seek to be the ‘metaverse for commerce’ where online and offline consumption experiences fuse together into something magical, fun and new. We view the metaverse as a virtual game player that sits atop physical reality. We’re at the very beginning of our journey but real-time weather integration is part and parcel of that vision. Weather impacts which sneakers you wear both in real life and the game.”

Sneakerheads rarely land their desired products in real life, owing to the influx of malicious shopping bots and the overall increased global demand for what ultimately is limited product. Aglet has created a gamified alternative that offers these passionate consumers a chance to earn in-game currency, compete against other players around the world and collect virtual sneakers in a game environment, all while getting exercise and interacting with the physical world.

Thus far, the Aglet community has achieved the following:

  1. 9.8 billion steps for a grand total of 8m kilometers walked!
  2. Their activity has earned a lot of virtual ‘Aglet’ with over 250,000 sneakers sold.
  3. The Aglet team started tracking the amount of kWh generated by all this activity: 282,000.83 kWh. Their total activity could power the USA for 2.2 seconds!

Over the coming months, Aglet will release new features and variables to deepen the game and expand their metaverse for sneakerheads, steppers, and mobile-game enthusiasts.


Founded in 2019, Aglet is a publisher and developer of sneaker-focused, location-based spatial commerce experiences for Gen-Z. Co-founded by Ryan David Mullins (adidas, oolipo) and Owen Batt (Loc8). Aglet was created to reimagine the commerce experience by fusing virtual and physical worlds and location-based gameplay.