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LogicHub Unveils MDR+ To Deliver Fully Transparent, End-to-End Security Solution

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LogicHub, the provider of the industry’s most complete security automation solution, today unveiled MDR+, its automation-driven Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution. LogicHub’s MDR+ goes beyond traditional MDR solutions through monitoring an organization’s environment 24×7 by integrating with every tool throughout the security stack, generating and automatically triaging alerts based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework, and enriching alerts with contextual information to automate decision making with extreme accuracy across historically disparate security operations.

Most organizations lack the resources to effectively implement 24×7 security operations on their own, and while automation solutions like SOAR can help, they typically require extensive expertise to implement and manage. MDR+ builds upon LogicHub’s mission to accelerate security operations teams’ journey towards automated security operations by providing flexible end-to-end detection and response options throughout the entire threat management lifecycle. New managed service capabilities include:

  • 24×7 Monitoring and Investigations: With MDR+, security teams get access to 24×7 monitoring and expert investigations from highly-trained SOC analysts who deliver specialized playbooks that proactively hunt for advanced attacks and previously unknown threats;
  • Automated Threat Hunting Analysis and Triage: Powered by automation and machine learning, MDR+ allows security teams to automatically analyze security events and alerts at machine speeds, detecting and prioritizing faster than ever before;
  • Automated One-Click Response With Analyst Approval: When a threat is validated, MDR+ eliminates false positives automatically and enables security analysts to respond to threats automatically and accurately in minutes, drastically reducing an organization’s mean time to respond (MTTR);
  • Continuously Updated Content: LogicHub’s team of experts continuously creates and enhances its automated threat playbooks mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, which arms security analysts with an expert system that virtualizes analyst knowledge and expertise.

“MDR services are only as good as the technology that drives them,” said Kumar Saurabh, CEO of LogicHub. “Too often, the tools and workflows stifle a security analyst’s ability to put their knowledge to work. MDR+ bridges that gap, helping overworked analysts easily see what’s happening, when it’s happening, empowering teams to find the threats that really matter — without the in-house overhead.”

LogicHub becomes the industry’s first automated detection and response solution that acts as a platform or a service. By combining the capabilities of SOAR+ and MDR+, LogicHub delivers the highest quality threat investigation and incident response solution that is automated, transparent and adaptable — meeting both an organization’s needs and the evolving cyber threat landscape.

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LogicHub accelerates security teams’ journey towards automated security operations by providing adaptable, transparent, and automation-driven end-to-end detection and response. With solutions that can be delivered as either a platform or a service, LogicHub empowers security personnel throughout the entire threat management lifecycle. To learn more visit, and follow LogicHub on Twitter and LinkedIn.