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Longboat Clinical Announce the Addition of a HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant Virtual Visit Solution to the Longboat Clinical Technology Platform

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Longboat Clinical is pleased to announce the addition of their Virtual Visit solution to their platform of digital tools that reduce the burden for sites and patients in clinical trials.

The solution enables physicians and nurses to conduct secure and private video visits with their clinical trial patients. The addition of this technology allows sponsor companies to further their efforts in designing protocols and decentralized trials using entirely virtual visits or a hybrid of face-to-face and remote visit methodologies. The Virtual Visit feature combines visit-specific instructions within the video visit interface to provide sites with a powerful productivity tool, contributing to improved protocol compliance and a better patient experience.

Health information is held to the highest security standards so the addition of this capability within the Longboat environment ensures that patients can continue their involvement in leading-edge research remotely while not compromising their data security.

“The feedback we get from patients, their caregivers, and site staff re-affirms what our sponsors are telling us – to make clinical trials more appealing to potential participants, our industry needs to fit around the lives of the patients. A key part of that is reducing the requirement for time-consuming and costly travel to the clinic, for some if not all of the visits. This has never been more relevant than now, as sites and patients adapt to keep trials moving forward during these uncertain times.”

“The Longboat platform provides the ideal environment from which to conduct hybrid and fully decentralized clinical trials. Sites and patients already use the platform to access information about their trials, schedule visits, receive reminders, and to prepare for and conduct study visits. We’ve created a secure, private, easy-to-use video interface that provides the option for remote visit conduct.” Ken O’Connell, CEO Longboat Clinical.

About Longboat Clinical

Longboat is a clinical trials software company dedicated to generating better study outcomes by creating a complete support structure for site staff, patients, monitors, and study teams – where protocol compliance becomes easy and instinctive. In the complex world of clinical development, Longboat’s cloud-based site engagement platform empowers clinical trial site staff to do the right thing at the right time while engaging and supporting patients through their clinical trial journey.

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