Press release

Lucidea at SLA San Diego’s Fall Seminar with ILS & KM Software

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Vancouver-based software developer Lucidea will attend this year’s SLA San Diego Chapter Fall Seminar on October 11th at the Marina Village Conference Center.

This is your opportunity to chat with the Lucidea representative and see the latest developments in their suite of library automation and knowledge management solutions, for organizations of all sizes and budgets.

Lucidea’s ILS and KM Product Portfolio

SydneyEnterprise. Take full advantage of the most powerful unified ILS and KM platform, featuring a single venue for administrators and end users to manage and leverage knowledge assets, enhanced search and discovery, and optimized workflows.

GeniePlus. The perfect ILS for agile libraries—it empowers a small staff to deliver large-library impact, with an extensible, highly flexible platform.

Inmagic Presto. Knowledge management practitioners implement this solution to deliver enhanced search and discovery options, improved access to content, collaboration and sharing tools, and much more.

Exciting Product Updates

Updated look and feel—new color palette, fresh and modern, right out of the box

New slideshow component—easily added to your portal; highly functional visual navigation for end users guides them to internal and external resources with one click

Audit trail—track any changes or additions to records and permissions (who, what, when) for a complete history of activity

Lucidea states that Artificial Intelligence integration is coming soon—with automatic categorization capabilities using IBM’s Watson. It’s easily configurable to categorize images or any text fields; it creates authority terms based on your preferred accuracy requirements. It can be used with newsfeeds, or to remove your backlog by quickly organizing old databases and making them discoverable. Ask about this upcoming feature when you visit Lucidea at SLA San Diego’s Fall Seminar.

To learn more about Lucidea’s ILS and KM Product Portfolio, please click here, phone 604 278 6717, or email with questions.