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Lucidea Releasing Rapid Data Entry Feature Across ILS, KM, and CMS Software Portfolio

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Lucidea, provider of SydneyEnterprise, Inmagic Presto, GeniePlus, ArchivEra, and Argus will soon enable rapid data entry across its portfolio of library automation, knowledge management, and museum and archives collections management software.

The Rapid Data Entry enhancement was suggested by clients, and can be used in museums and archives to positively impact cataloging backlogs, by staff or solo practitioners in small libraries or knowledge centers who need to minimize time spent on operational tasks, and even by interns and volunteers undertaking cataloging projects.

Entering one catalog record at a time can be slow, painful, and labor intensive; leveraging a classic spreadsheet workflow is much faster. Lucidea will release spreadsheet-style data entry screens with multiple rows and columns, enabling users to rapidly enter multiple records at the same time. Each row is a record, and each column is a field within the record. A user can specify the desired number of rows, fill in the fields, press the “save” button, and the system creates discrete catalog records, one for each row, with the fields completely populated.

When entering a large batch of records there will be many that have common fields (e.g., location, series, subject); Lucidea’s Rapid Entry data screen also accommodates differing fields and integrates them with the individual records during the “save” operation.

Per Lucidea’s Chief Technology Officer, Neil Corris, “Rapid Data Entry represents a significant workflow and productivity enhancement, maximizing the efficiency of staff, interns and volunteers in libraries, knowledge centers, archives and museums. As always, we’re delighted when we can build client requested features into our products for the benefit of all our users”.

To learn more about Lucidea’s software portfolio, please click here, phone 604 278 6717, or email with questions.