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Lumavate Expands Platform Capabilities and Secures $3M in Funding

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Lumavate, the leading platform for delivering Progressive Web Apps
(PWAs), announced the introduction of new functionality that will
accelerate an enterprise organization’s ability to deliver PWAs at scale.

This new functionality is the latest addition to the Lumavate platform
which provides both marketers and developers with the tools they need to
rapidly build, test, and deliver PWAs. Marketers can easily build apps
start-to-finish using the Lumavate Library while development teams can
write their own widgets, microservices, and components in their favorite
programming language extending the platform in both function and

The new features include:

  • Launch of Starter Kits to enable users to quickly deliver
    mobile apps for pre-determined use cases such as events, image
    recognition, internal communications, product registration and
    onboarding, and more.
  • Expansion of the Lumavate Library to include additional
    widgets, microservices, and components that are made available
    directly within the platform.
  • Streamlined version management through the Command Center that
    provides the ability to easily manage multiple versions of widgets,
    microservices, and components across multiple Lumavate Studios.
  • Option to preview across desktop, tablet, and mobile in the
    Lumavate Studio to ensure the PWA looks great across all devices along
    with the ability to set your preview preference for each app.

“Enterprise organizations continue to balance the needs of the business
with their limited technical resources and desire for digital
transformation. Our platform accelerates delivery by making it possible
for IT to have control over their cloud-based app architecture while
empowering business users with the ability to build and modify apps
themselves. The new features in this release continue to accelerate this
process for our customers and help drive results for their business even
faster,” said Mark Hill, Lumavate’s CEO and Chairman.

In addition to this new functionality, Lumavate also announced a raise
of more than $3 million in funding. The round included participation
from BioCrossroads, Elevate Ventures, Collina Ventures, and 4G Ventures.
This funding will allow Lumavate to continue to expand its product
offering and grow its product, sales, and marketing teams.

“We think Lumavate promises to be an important part of our dynamic life
sciences ecosystem and our investment portfolio. The proven track record
of Lumavate’s leadership team combined with the platform’s applicability
to life science and healthcare companies made it an attractive
opportunity for our fund,” said Nora Doherty, Interim President of
BioCrossroads. “We’re excited about the life sciences and healthcare
companies Lumavate is already working with today and the potential it
has to drive results for other organizations in these industries.”

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Lumavate is the leading platform for delivering progressive web apps
(PWAs) at scale to enterprise companies. Lumavate is used by
organizations such as Roche, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Trinchero
Wines, Toyota Industrial Equipment, RhinoAg, Coca-Cola, Delta Faucets,
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