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Lumavate Expands Platform Features for Marketers

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Lumavate, a low-code mobile app platform, announced new functionality today that further enables marketers at enterprise organizations to quickly build and publish mobile apps. All apps built using the Lumavate Platform are delivered as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to end users.

“The features included in this release make it easier for marketers to build and publish mobile apps without needing to code or involve technical resources,” said Mark Hill, Lumavate’s CEO and Chairman. “With Lumavate, marketers can brainstorm a mobile app concept then build and publish it using Lumavate within a matter of hours. We’re giving marketers the tools they need to move at the speed of their business.”

The new features include:

  • Simplified App Designer that provides users with drag and drop functionality to quickly change their app design and preview the changes in real-time.
  • Addition of Ionic Web Components to the Lumavate Library enables users to add Ionic components to their apps and customize the components using properties in the Lumavate Studio.
  • Doubled the Size of the Lumavate Library with the addition of numerous components that allow users to easily format text, create interactive images, toggle components on or off based on date or time, and more.
  • More Navigation Options to enable users to choose the navigation style that makes the most sense for their app.
  • Improved Branding Controls with the Lumavate Studio to ensure all apps are always utilizing the applicable brand colors and font.
  • New Integrations for users to add to their apps including Drift, Vidyard, YouTube, Wistia, Twilio, AWS, and Cloudinary.
  • Additional Starter Kits for content distribution, brand awareness, tradeshows, wayfinding, surveys, and more. Lumavate now offers 12 Starter Kits to enable users to quickly deliver mobile apps for the most in-demand use cases.

About Lumavate

Lumavate is a leading low-code mobile app platform for marketers. Lumavate enables marketers to quickly build and publish mobile apps with no code required. All mobile apps built in Lumavate are delivered as progressive web apps (PWAs). Lumavate is trusted by organizations such as Roche, Trinchero Wines, Toyota Industrial Equipment, RhinoAg, Wheaton Van Lines, Delta Faucet, and more. Learn more at