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Lumeon Launches Care Pathway Blueprints to Help Healthcare Providers Transform Care Delivery

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Lumeon, the leader in Care Pathway Management (CPM), today announced the launch of its care pathway blueprints, offering ready-made, easy-to-deploy workflow templates that enable healthcare providers to make care processes more efficient and accelerate the transition to value-based care.

Based on the latest best practice clinical guidelines and operational care models, and delivered through Lumeon’s award-winning Care Pathway Management Platform, the pathway blueprints contain proven, standardized activity sequences that interact with the patient, the care team and existing technology. By consolidating key information, directing care operations in real time, and automating the many manual processes that cause inefficiencies, care pathways reduce unwarranted variation and improve clinical and financial outcomes and patient experience.

“After more than a decade of developing and documenting our approach to care pathway design and operations, we are now combining this experience with the latest clinical guidelines to create evidence-based blueprints that our customers can leverage to deploy care pathways at speed and scale,” said Dr. Gajan Srikanthan, director of clinical pathways at Lumeon. “Healthcare providers can now start with the art of the possible; by getting up and running quickly with care pathway management, they can start to generate immediate care delivery process improvements – leading to ROI in weeks instead of years.”

Lumeon adopts a patient-first approach to pathway creation, building a digital blueprint of the care pathway across care settings. Clinical and technical pathway experts map out key tasks and milestones that must be achieved to deliver the right care to the right patient at the right time. The blueprints form the basis for clinical engagement and localization to a provider’s environment and goals. They are operationalized and automated through Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management platform, with real-time reporting and analytics that drive continuous improvement.

Lumeon has developed a starter library of 15 ready-made pathway blueprints in high priority areas, including diabetes screening, pre-surgical optimization, post-discharge heart failure and post-discharge comprehensive care for joint replacement (CJR).

Unlike traditional pathways that primarily focus on what needs to be done clinically, Lumeon care pathway blueprints also focus on how care is optimally delivered operationally. By bringing this established expertise and methodology for care pathway design and management to the market, healthcare providers no longer need to make the upfront resource investment in translating clinical guidelines into operational practice and can quickly realize financial and clinical benefits.

“These first-to-market blueprints represent Lumeon’s evolution from being a technology vendor, to becoming a partner for healthcare organizations looking to optimize care delivery,” said Robbie Hughes, Lumeon founder and CEO. “By acting as an end-to-end care pathway delivery partner, we are leading the movement away from point solutions as a scalable enterprise-ready platform that addresses the sophisticated needs of health systems of the future.”

In addition to deploying ready-made pathway blueprints, providers can also work with Lumeon experts to operationalize existing care pathways, or custom-design care pathways to their operations.

About Lumeon

Lumeon provides Care Pathway Management (CPM) solutions for healthcare organizations. Its industry leading platform combines evidence-based pathways with deep operational expertise to deliver better care at lower cost.

A patient-first approach to pathway design, orchestration and automation ensures healthcare provider resources are optimized to deliver superior outcomes at less cost, achieving the goals of new reimbursement models.

Progressive health systems in the USA and Europe have deployed Lumeon’s multi-award winning platform across more than 2,000 care locations.