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Luminati Networks and EMK Capital Respond to Teso Lawsuit

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It has come to the attention of Luminati Networks and private equity fund EMK Capital that Teso has recently filed a lawsuit and issued a press release regarding both companies. Luminati Networks and EMK Capital disagree with the allegations made in both.

Teso contacted Luminati Networks prior to filing its lawsuit asking to settle Luminati’s lawsuits against Teso. Teso filed its complaint after that failed.

While Luminati has not been served with the lawsuit, the company believes it to be baseless and will be filing a motion to dismiss it once it has been served.

Luminati Networks will not be bullied. It will continue to vigorously enforce its intellectual property rights, including in the recent lawsuits it filed and is pursuing against Oxylabs and NordVPN.

About Luminati Networks

Luminati Networks is the world’s largest data collection platform dedicated to enable businesses view the internet with complete transparency. The company helps global brands gather publicly available online data in an ethical manner.

Working with over 10,000 customers including market-leaders from the Fortune 500, Luminati’s first-of-its-kind data collection automation (DCA) platform enables organizations to collect data at scale and gain a real and accurate perspective of how their customers are interacting with their brand and with their competitors – without being blocked or served misleading information. This means organizations can now make better, more informed business decisions based on real-time competitive intelligence.