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Lusis Payments Announces First North American Support Center

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Lusis Payments, a global innovator of mission-critical payments software and data science technology, is pleased to announce its first North American support center. The new office is opening June 1st in Toronto Canada.

Lusis is best known for its TANGO solution, an online transaction processing engine for mission-critical 24×7 solutions including payments, retail, loyalty, finance, fraud, utilities, and transport. TANGO delivers performance, availability, and scalability, with a rich set of functionalities, all from a single architecture. TANGO is built on a highly performing micro-service architecture providing agile delivery for business needs. Lusis has also made significant advancements in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, FX Trading, ISO 20022, Fraud and Blockchain.

“Lusis Payments is pleased to launch its first North American support center. The support center will be based in Toronto Canada and will be comprised of fresh talent and experienced expert engineers who are fully trained on TANGO. This will contribute to project success in local support for our production systems,” said Philippe Preval, President and CEO of Lusis Payments. “North America is now our primary market. The new support center is a major step in solidifying our footprint in North America.” Until recently, Lusis had only sales and consulting teams in North America. The addition of this facility and the team being assembled will dramatically accelerate new and current project deployments of TANGO.

“We are very happy to achieve this milestone which has been brought on by our success with North American companies. We look forward to new challenges with enthusiasm and determination,” added Preval.

About Lusis Payments

Lusis Payments is an innovative global software and services provider to the payments industry. The company’s proven, cutting edge technology operates in numerous hardware and operating environments. The TANGO platform, combined with the know-how to mitigate risk and deliver high levels of assured customer service, constitutes a unique proposition for organizations faced with the challenge of adapting to traditional and future needs in the payments ecosystem.