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Lydsto R1 Self-empty Robot Vacuum Being Offered at Best Price in the Market

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Following washing machines and dishwashers, robot vacuum is another major tech product that frees us from daily chores. Nevertheless, frequent emptying is a must, or the suction drops significantly, until the self-empty robot vacuum offers a spot-on solution. Now the self-empty Lydsto R1, originally sold at $399 on Amazon, is offering 10% OFF with a $40 coupon. That means you can get it for $319.10, the lowest price ever in the self-empty robovac market.

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Self-empty Robot Vacuum to the Rescue (Photo: Business Wire)

Self-empty Robot Vacuum to the Rescue (Photo: Business Wire)

What causes suction loss? And how does self-empty robot vacuum solve it?

Whatever blocks air flow causes suction loss. Throughout the airway of the robot, the hoarder dust bin obviously contributes the most blockage.

The secret of the solution lies in the dust collecting charging station. After each run, the robot docks back home where the dust bin is emptied thoroughly to restore max suction.

Lydsto R1, Powerhouse of Smart Design

The robot itself has a 2,700pa suction to start with. The dust collecting home station is equipped with a 1,000W motor that runs at 50,000rpm to provide 30,000pa suction power (five times that of handheld vacuum). And thanks to the side-to-side connection design, the dust collecting duct is 430mm shorter. The strong suction and short duct make sure that the dust bin is emptied within 12 seconds at 98%+ efficiency. And the enclosed bag is 3L large, so it can be replaced once every month.

The home station has an arsenal of 29L, including piezoresistive and infrared, high-precision sensors to guarantee accurate docking of the robot. Additionally, armed with Lydsto patented noise reduction technology, sound absorbing material and double-partition proof, Lydsto R1 reduces the sound of dust collecting to the minimum.

Smart Tool Kit that Frees You from Floor Cleaning

With regular robovacs, the suction loss will inevitably compromise the APP control and scheduled cleaning functions. While with Lydsto R1, each run is a fresh new run. Also packed with LDS laser navigation, pinpoint obstacle avoidance, recharge and resume, it can even “house-sit” when you’re away for a long time. Set your schedule, and let the robot do the magic.

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Final price: $319