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Lyftly Launches Groundbreaking Mobile Solution For Youth Mental Health

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Lyftly launched today a powerful and groundbreaking mobile solution dedicated to youth mental healthcare. Intended to help users achieve and sustain mental and emotional wellness, the app offers personalization, a supportive community and expert peer support. Wellness care is based on what the company calls the three Pillars – Sharing, Seeking Help and Self-Advocacy. An iOS app, Lyftly is making its debut on the Apple App Store at a time when youth mental illness is undeniably a huge national crisis.

“Life can be very stressful, especially for an adolescent in this challenging, unstable and often disconcerting world,” said Dr. Ram Ramanujam, CEO of Lyftly. “If you feel lonely or disenfranchised, you no longer have to go at it alone. Lyftly offers effective programs, solutions, and live guidance. This is the all-in-one tool to help you on the journey towards wellness.”

Lyftly is offering a solution to a serious public health problem, the rapid rise in youth anxiety and depression and related issues like teen-suicide. The NIH reports that the prevalence of mental illness is at 25.8%, the highest level of any age group. 31% of high school and college students are experiencing some form of depression. Lyftly is about creating a youth-driven community where the students can engage and help each other in their wellness journey. This app is Instagram-like, dedicated to mental health and wellness.

The platform’s underlying methodology was developed in coordination with the latest studies at Harvard, Penn, Michigan, and Stanford. With this research-based foundation, Lyftly guides its users to understand the state of their overall wellness and self-monitor their moods. The App guides each user to set and complete goals for improving his or her wellness. Private journaling is built into the app as well. Users can seek and get personal encouragement from others. In addition, one has access to the anonymous, confidential communication and support system, available 24/7.

About Lyftly

Lyftly got started with funding from the Ram and Thaila Foundation through the Actus Venture Group. They wanted to address this near-epidemic problem among adolescents. The company’s growth is currently funded by Angels and Corporate Investors.