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Macedon Technologies Wins 2019 Appian Value Award

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Macedon’s work delivering consulting and implementation services on
Appian—with excellent qualifications in implementation strategy,
experience, and A-scores—has been recognized at the annual Appian
global conference, with the firm winning the Value Award at
the Partner Awards ceremony yesterday.

Marc Wilson, Senior Vice President, Global Partnership and Industries at
Appian, said. “Our strategic partnership with Macedon has continued to
grow and strengthen throughout the years. The firm has been important in
helping us further expand into the mid-market, delivering high-value
applications in as little as eight weeks. We look forward to continuing
this partnership in the years to come.”

“We are honored to be recognized with the Appian Value Award,” Austin
Rosenfeld, CEO and founder of Macedon
, said. “Macedon is at the forefront of driving digital
transformation for our clients, combining our deep business knowledge
with expertise in implementing innovative business applications. Macedon
can be very proud of its achievements, we are pushing the boundaries of
the industry and setting a great example for what is possible in an
unprecedented era of digital business transformation,” he added.

Commenting on the Appian Value Award and alliance success, Mark Garvey,
Macedon’s Chief Operating Officer noted, “Many organizations aspire to
being a valued Appian Partner. This award is a testament to Macedon’s
incredible growth, our passionate team who deliver cutting-edge
solutions and services to a growing client base of loyal customers, and
our strong focus on accelerating digital transformation. We look forward
to continuing our successful work helping our clients deploy Appian
projects that generate tangible business benefits and enhance their
competitive advantage.”

Other winners of major awards included Price Waterhouse Cooper, KPMG,
and Cognizant.

About Macedon Technologies

Macedon Technologies is an awarded Appian partner providing Appian-based solutions
and services around Business Process Management (BPM), workflow, case
management, system integration, legacy modernization, and rapid software
development at enterprise scale. Headquartered in Reston VA, with an
office in Austin TX, Macedon Technologies has significant footprints in
financial services, manufacturing, education, energy, and
pharmaceuticals. Macedon accelerates Digital Transformation by
delivering apps faster and more securely.

For more information on Macedon Technologies, our services and
solutions, please visit