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Madaket Health Surpasses 2 Million Digital Enrollment Applications

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, a cloud-based healthcare platform that simplifies
administrative data exchange between payers and providers, has surpassed
2 million digital enrollment applications, marking a significant
milestone in the company’s mission to become the de facto standard for
automating administrative transactions and reducing inefficiencies
between healthcare payers and providers.

Since the 2015 launch of its flagship product, EDI Enrollment, Madaket
has seen significant growth in the requests to automate the manual,
error-prone processes between payers and providers. The 2 million
transactions – and counting – cover more than 100,000 provider groups
who work with Madaket to streamline and accelerate this provider data
management process. Madaket anticipates continued growth within its
existing customer base, given that the its current enrollment volume
represents less than 25% penetration of its provider groups under

“Beyond just the number, this milestone is significant because it
demonstrates that the healthcare industry is emphatically saying ‘no’ to
manual processes, and ‘yes’ to streamlined, automated, tech-enabled
solutions,” said Mads Kvalsvik, Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer.
“The benefit of this approach is clear for all involved in the EDI
enrollment process: a better process can help support everyone’s
collective goal of a better, more efficient, and more effective
healthcare system that works for patients, providers, and payers alike.”

Madaket’s platform takes paper-based tasks embedded in healthcare data
exchange and automates them through a cloud-based system, helping to
reduce errors and create more time for patient care. EDI Enrollment and
its accompanying provider-facing portal provide real-time insight into
transaction status and create efficiencies for clearinghouses and
intermediaries that connect payers and providers.

“When we founded Madaket, we knew our mission of reducing administrative
burden in healthcare was important; today, we can count more than two
million reasons why that’s true,” said Madaket CEO and Co-founder, Jim
Dougherty. “We are eager to continue learning from our growth and
successes, and excited for future milestones as we help make the
healthcare data management process more efficient and effective for
everyone involved.”

In addition to EDI Enrollment, Madaket offers Payer Enrollment, which
addresses the process of credentialing providers with payers in order to
establish ongoing relationships. The company also recently moved to a
larger office in Harvard Square in Cambridge, Mass., and launched a new

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About Madaket Health
Madaket Health streamlines healthcare’s
payer-provider enrollment and payment processes, among other
transactions., Madaket’s tech-enabled platform ensures that enrollments
are processed more efficiently and effectively than the manual,
error-prone processes commonly used in the industry. Madaket’s
technology targets billions of dollars in healthcare administrative
waste in order to reinvest in care delivery. Founded and supported by
Koa Labs in 2012, Madaket is led by a team of innovative entrepreneurs,
technologists, and healthcare professionals with a proven track record
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