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Mainbloq Integrates with LGO

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As the leading institutional bitcoin exchange in Europe, LGO is uniquely positioned to address the nascent, growing institutional cryptocurrency market. Our fully electronic platform allows over 40 institutions from all around the world to trade bitcoin with a level of transparency, security and client service which is uncompared in the space.

Mainbloq’s mission is to bring all of the technology that was available on Wall Street to cryptocurrency traders. Over the years what it meant to be a crypto trader has changed and we’ve seen more institutions adding crypto to their portfolios. We believe our mission and Mainbloq’s mission are aligned in servicing these discerning clients.

With this in mind we are proud to announce we have entered into a partnership with Mainbloq. Mainbloq is currently connected to 27 of the top cryptocurrency venues and with the addition of LGO now offers its clients one more place to source liquidity. Mainbloq offers WebSockets, REST and FIX 4.4 connectivity to all supported venues. Extending our pool of liquidity to their customers is another step in our mission to service institutional clients.

“We believe institutions will play an outsized role in the future of Cryptocurrency trading, and our partnership with LGO is an important step forward in that future,” says Ryan Kuiken, CEO of Mainbloq.

“We were impressed by Mainbloq’s technology. Our visions for the future of cryptocurrency are aligned and we believe that this partnership will be mutually beneficial,” said Hugo Renaudin, CEO of LGO.

About Mainbloq

Mainbloq is a research and fintech company focusing on blockchain and digital assets. Mainbloq offers a modular platform including a smart order router, suite of execution algorithms and trading strategies, the ability for clients to integrate their own algorithms, consulting services to help clients execute on their trading strategies. Mainbloq is building the best-in-class platform for researching and trading digital assets, pushing the limits of what can be done in crypto trading and research. For more information visit

About LGO

LGO is the leading Bitcoin spot exchange for institutions. Live since April 2019, they are trusted by over 40 institutional counterparties across 15 countries. With a boutique approach they provide a suite of fully customizable services, best in class technology, and deep liquidity. Please contact us at: