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Majesco “Best in Class” Ranking Reinforced by Strong Customer Satisfaction for Ability to Deliver on Promises, Cost Value of Platform, Ease of Implementation/Integration, Management and Reputation in New Aite Report

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Majesco, a global leader of cloud insurance platform software for insurance business transformation, today announced that in a new Aite report titled, “Satisfaction With Core Systems Vendors: What Carriers Say”, received strong customer satisfaction for Ability to Deliver on Promises, Cost Value of Platform, Ease of Implementation/Integration, Management and Reputation. This report is a complement to the Aite Matrix: 2020 U.S. P&C Core Systems Evaluation which garnered Majesco a “Best in Class” ranking and delves into the details of the client feedback.

“Recognition by our customers across these ten categories with these outstanding results means so much because they work with us and the core solution each and every day to run their business,” commented Adam Elster, CEO at Majesco. “This report reflects strong customer satisfaction as we continue to rapidly move our customers to the Cloud, providing next generation core platform solutions that are accelerating insurers digital transformation to meet the continually changing marketplace shifts, new customer demands, new competition and new product and market opportunities for growth as the industry shifts to a new era and future of insurance.”

The report notes that as the P&C insurance world shifts to become more digital, carriers will require a core system that can accommodate the shifts that are currently in motion and those that are yet to come. As a result, flexibility in a core system is paramount. P&C carriers increasingly rely on third-party data and on a core system that can integrate the data into various workflows to provide personalized customer experiences, improve underwriting decisions and enhance the claims process.

“Most carriers know these shifts are coming and have an eye toward some type of a core system upgrade, either from a legacy system or from an implementation of a “modern” system that was deployed 10 to 15 years ago. Client feedback on next-gen core systems provides valuable insights for those looking at replacement,” stated Jay Sarzen, Senior Analyst for P&C at Aite. “The Majesco P&C core platform did very well with strong, very satisfied rankings that align to the “Best in Class” ranking from the original report. Majesco continues to deliver forward-thinking core solution but with the strength and focus on customer satisfaction and value as represented by these results.”

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