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Malartu and ImagineTime Partner to Deliver Practice Management and Analytics for Accounting Firms

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Advisory services have become a critical component of the modern
accounting landscape. A new partnership between Malartu,
a Raleigh based AI data analytics platform for accountants, and ImagineTime,
a Triangle based accounting practice management platform, is set to
bring accounting and advisory services to the 21st century.

By building integrations between Malartu and ImagineTime, accounting and
advisory firms will enhance both their practice capability and their
advisory offering for clients.

“We see this partnership with ImagineTime as an opportunity to create a
force multiplier for business advisors by combining our analytics
platform and ImagineTime’s two decades of industry experience,” said
Malartu CEO Jon Spinney.

ImagineTime CEO Carl Coe sees the Malartu partnership as a huge benefit
for ImagineTime customers, especially as many of their accounting
partners place more importance on advisory services. “This partnership
is a game changer for ImagineTime firms looking to offer deeper insights
to their advisory clients.”

Malartu and ImagineTime customers will benefit from this new partnership
starting summer of 2019. The partnership will bring:

  • Industry-leading practice management for firms offering advisory
  • Enhanced practice analytics and reporting.
  • Automated workflow management and client performance monitoring.

With this partnership, Malartu and ImagineTime are building the future
of the accounting industry, empowering accounting and advisory firms to
leverage data and modern technology to add value for clients and grow
long-lasting, profitable practices.

About Malartu

is a business intelligence platform for trusted business advisors and
their clients. Our unique approach to data analytics and reporting
empowers every business owner with the answer to three questions: How is
my business performing? How does that compare to my peers? What does the
future of my business look like?

Partnering with accounting firms, bookkeepers, consultants, and
financial institutions since 2018, Malartu’s mission is to provide
business owners with the answers to these critical questions from
anywhere in the world, for decades to come.

About ImagineTime

is a leader in Practice Management for Accounting firms. With over 20
years experience, 1500 firms, 7,000+ users, and billions of dollars
invoiced ImagineTime has offers advantage for our customers and
partners. We help our customers have a full view to firm profitability
and insight on key decisions to improve all aspects of the firm’s