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Manufacturer NXT Power Announces Product Lineup to Mark Launch

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NXT Power, manufacturer of advanced power quality solutions, has assembled an exceptional team of skilled engineers, seasoned sales executives and knowledgeable, experienced leadership to launch a line of power conditioners and UPS Systems that offers the most advanced power quality solutions available in the industry.

“Every business is vulnerable to outages and other power problems,” explains industry veteran and NXT Power founder Tom Gornick. “The NXT Power product line is designed for the 21st century in both look and performance, providing the most commanding technologies in power protection for both domestic and international application.”

The NXT Power transformer-based power conditioners and advanced UPS Systems deliver clean and reliable power to the electronic systems that businesses around the world rely on all day, every day. Products in the company’s Integrity Series can prevent hardware damage and system interruptions utilizing a surge diverter, low impedance isolation transformer and noise filtering for optimal performance.

The innovative NXT Power product line design provides the highest quality and best performing power conditioners on the market. “Most products on the market only offer rudimentary battery backup protection and do not utilize an isolation transformer and tuned filter for optimal power quality,” explains Director of Engineering Cherian Jose. “In contrast, the NXT Power UPS delivers on both power quantity and power quality to create a high-performance power system.” According to Jose, many power conditioner manufacturers do not invest the time or expense to incorporate the isolation transformer into their product.

The NXT Power Integrity Series product line includes:

  • UPS Systems with options of 7 units for worldwide applications ranging from 2 – 10 kVA Single Phase (200-240 VAC input, 120-240 VAC output, 50/60Hz)
  • Standard and Medical Line Conditioners with options ranging from 80 VA to 2000 VA (120VAC 60Hz, 200-240 VAC 50/60Hz)
  • Single-Phase Conditioners with options ranging from 2 to 7 kVA (208/240 VAC input, 208/240/120 VAC output)
  • 3-Phase Power Conditioners with options ranging from 10 kVA to 300 kVA

NXT Power strives to enhance the profitability and success of each customer through a combination of superior customer service, unique services, and effective power quality solutions. Product delivery of its Integrity Series is slated for early September.

About NXT Power

NXT Power was conceived to offer a vastly superior product line that delivers clean and reliable quality power solutions to the domestic and international marketplace. NXT Power products are superior to current options available in the marketplace with attributes including surge diverter, low impedance transformer and power line filter to eliminate noise, spikes, and transients that protect against catastrophic damage before it can occur.

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