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MaritzCX Rolls Out PX Platform Product Features

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Amplifying the capabilities of the MaritzCX Patient Experience (PX) Platform, MaritzCX rolled out enhanced features today to break down siloed patient data, bypass inflexible standardized survey tools, reverse benchmark blindness, drive employee engagement and unify PX tools.

Patient Journey reporting within the platform to view the visual journey of the patient and easily identify focus areas.

Employee/Provider Experience (EX) and Patient Experience linkage reports available directly in the platform to better understand the relationships between employee engagement and the patient experience.

Spotlight Data mining for patient experience to combine feedback and operations data to spot segments or patterns of opportunity in data.

Real-time Patient Feedback with SMS or Video options to capture more detailed patient and employee feedback directly at the nursing station or while still on the floor, including blurring capabilities to ensure anonymity.

CAHPS Diagnostic and Probing technology to encourage additional insight from respondents, offering a more comprehensive and prescriptive patient feedback process.

Customizable Survey Channels and invitation options to more effectively target patients and increase response rates.

Combined Executive Dashboards to report, review and analyze disparate data sets in one place, including Quality, Safety, Clinical and Experience PX + EX.

Advocacy Boards to bring visibility to real-time patient comments, further showcasing employee impact and motivating employees to drive PX success.

Developed by experts in customer experience, the MaritzCX Patient Experience Platform offers hospitals the ability to harness HCAHPS, patient experience, employee experience, safety and quality, point-of-care/rounding, operational, financial and clinical data into a single platform to view in real time.

“Hospitals and healthcare organizations now have the power to identify more impactful improvements that enhance the patient journey, improve scores and reimbursements, and drive positive patient outcomes,” said Mike Sinoway, president and CEO of MaritzCX.

More information about the flexibility of the MaritzCX Patient Experience Platform, and how it can help enhance current patient experience programs, can be found at

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MaritzCX is customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX) and patient experience (PX) management for big business. High-value experience programs are critical for every organization. We combine experience software, data and research science, deep vertical market expertise, and managed program services to help accelerate client success. Experience programs that are most impactful drive the right kind of actions throughout the company and support a strong business case. MaritzCX seeks to partner with companies that insist on effective and high-ROI experience efforts. Our customers include global brands from the Automotive, Financial Services, Travel & Hospitality, Consumer Technology, Patient and Healthcare, Telecom, Retail, B2B, Energy and Utilities industries.