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Mark Farrah Associates Offers Access to Health Insurance Market Intelligence with Expanded Medicaid Membership

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Mark Farrah Associates (MFA), a leading data aggregator and publisher of health plan market data and analytics, is anxiously anticipating the 2020 update of health insurance data from annual statutory financial statements filed with state insurance regulators. In addition, MFA is pleased to announce it has added state managed Medicaid programs Fee for Service (FFS) and companies managing Medicaid care with membership that is not reported through traditional statutory sources. The Medicaid segment has been, and will continue to be, an important sector of the health insurance industry and these efforts to report the additional sources of membership further represent the full scope and size of the Medicaid market.

For companies seeking comprehensive market data, MFA offers the Health Coverage Portal TM, an online application that integrates NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) and CA DMHC (California Department of Managed Health Care) financial statements, relevant government reports and MFA self-insured datasets. Some features include:

  • Enrollment and market share for Individual, Small Group, Large Group, ASO and Government programs grouped by Parent and Plan.
  • Revenue, expenses, underwriting gain or loss, administrative and medical loss ratios for commercial, Medicare and Medicaid lines.
  • Consistently updated and refreshed to deliver the most current information available, providing unsurpassed analytic support and reliable data, encompassing history from 2006 to the current quarter.

    • In April, MFA will perform an annual refresh of the Health Coverage Portal TM datasets. In addition to comprehensive market share assessments, the industry is awaiting insights from the ever-popular Supplemental Health Care Exhibit (SHCE) due to regulators by April 1st.

Health insurers and companies with a vested interest in the healthcare industry rely on market share and health plan financials to assess competition and identify new business opportunities. MFA’s Health Coverage PortalTM provides 24/7 access to annual and quarterly financials, enrollment and industry ratios for health plans across all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories. To learn more about the Health Coverage Portal TMand MFA’s other valuable health insurance analytic tools, contact Mark Farrah Associates at 724-338-4100 or visit

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