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Market Tracking and Real World Drug Performance Analysis Helps a Pharmaceutical Firm Increase Market Share | Get in Touch to Learn More About Quantzig’s Real World Evidence Analytics Capabilities

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Premier analytics service provider, Quantzig announces the completion of its real world evidence analytics engagement. The success story offers comprehensive insights into how they helped a leading pharma company to analyze future growth opportunities and track market shares based on the performance of two newly launched oral oncolytic drugs.

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As experts in the field of real world data analysis, Quantzig offers real world evidence analytics solutions that help healthcare, pharma, and life science industries make the most of the available real world data sets. Request a FREE demo for comprehensive solution insights.

The primary objective of real world evidence analytics was to provide clinical evidence regarding the usage and potential benefits or risks of a drug derived from the analysis of real world data. Today, pharmaceutical manufacturing companies are investing in real world evidence analytics to gain insights into untapped opportunities. This enables them to enhance market footprint by responding to the ever-changing market dynamics and competing with the major players to drive patient value. Hence, it is evident that real world evidence analytics offers many benefits than just offering actionable insights into the treatment landscape and its performance in the real world healthcare setting.

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Factors that prompted the pharmaceuticals company to leverage real world evidence analytics

Inability to track market share and update static reports: With manufacturing units spread globally, the pharma manufacturer faced several challenges in tracking and enhancing market share. The lack of an automated, robust approach also proved to be a major challenge since it required manual updating of reports based on stakeholder requirements.

Absence of a real world data analysis based approach: For the client, acting on real world insights was crucial since their growth relied on catering to the growing concerns of the general public. However, the inability to analyze and act of real world data-driven insights proved to be a major challenge that curtailed their market expansion ability.

Lack of satistical models and analytics capabilities to analyze data: With no statistical model in place, the client’s data analysis criteria were solely based on static reports and available data. To drive better results, the client wanted to deploy a statistical framework for each phase of the patient journey to assess, optimize, and gauge the impact of their offerings.

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How did real world evidence analytics help the pharma company address their pain points?

Quantzig’s real world evidence analytics experts identified the set of business rules to create a validation framework and understand the efficacy of clinical. In the second phase of this engagement, our experts developed and deployed a rule-based algorithm to predict the best treatment options based on cancer progression and risk of surgery. Additionally, the integration of medical and pharmacy data at the patient level offered a holistic picture of the pharma market. The solutions also enabled the client to-

  • Segment customers based on drug and treatment usage
  • Understand treatment patterns and their outcomes
  • Develop a real world strategy to deliver superior services to the customers
  • Make timely and informed decisions on market expansion
  • Provide verifiable evidence to differentiate their brand from their competitors

Over the past 15 years, Quantzig has helped Fortune 500 pharma companies solve some of the toughest business problems using a unique combination of design thinking frameworks, plug-and-play innovation accelerators, and an army of agile decision scientists. Want to know more? Contact us.

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