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Marki Microwave Signs Distribution Agreement with RFMW

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Marki Microwave, driving high performance in the radio frequency and microwave industry for 30 years, has entered into a global distribution agreement with specialty electronics distributor RFMW. Under the agreement, RFMW is franchised for worldwide marketing and sales of Marki Microwave’s industry leading portfolio of over one thousand products, including mixers, wideband amplifiers, and broadband passive components.

Marki Microwave offers an extensive range of multi-octave bandwidth products in multiple packaging options, from bare die to surface mount and coaxial-connectorized solutions that can be customized to fit the design needs of virtually any engineer. RFMW supports customers and suppliers around the globe with off the shelf delivery of specialty radio frequency and microwave components, as well as tailored component-engineering support.

“Entering into this distribution agreement is a critical growth inflection point for our company because it will allow us to support new territories and expansion channels,” says Duncan Pilgrim, vice president of sales and marketing at Marki Microwave. “RFMW’s vast global distribution network and exceptional engineering support services will undoubtedly bring new opportunities to Marki as we expand our global footprint in the radio frequency and microwave markets.”

“We are thrilled to add Marki Microwave to our portfolio of industry leading RF manufacturers,” adds Joel Levine, president of RFMW. “Marki’s innovative and expansive portfolio of products is a huge value add to RFMW’s existing RF, microwave, and mmWave product offerings. As an additional benefit, the company is committed to all-American assembly. We look forward to supporting the company’s growth trajectory while diversifying our product offerings to better address customer needs for the future.”

About Marki Microwave

At Marki Microwave our goal is to invent technologies that empower the RF and microwave industry to design faster, simplify production, eliminate complexity and shatter performance barriers. All our products are designed and developed in the United States with a specialized team and state of the art testing and CAD simulation software. Our approach is to collaborate with our customers and suppliers to achieve the breakthroughs needed for today’s ever-increasing demands of electronic products. All assembly and tests are performed under the supervision of the design engineer at the same facility. Our assembly capabilities include precision leaded and lead-free solder and wire bonding for gold/thin film assembly. Our portfolio of high performance components include broadband, low conversion loss, and highly linear mixers, high directivity, low return loss couplers and directional bridges, well balanced power dividers and hybrid couplers, and many other quality products. To view our comprehensive catalog, visit our website at For specific details, please call us at 408.778.4200 or email

About RFMW

RFMW, a wholly owned subsidiary of TTI Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. company, is a specialty electronics distribution company focused exclusively on serving customers that require RF and microwave components and semiconductors, as well as component engineering support. The company continues to expand its list of products from selective suppliers with RF/microwave expertise. RFMW deploys a highly experienced, technically skilled team to assist customers with component selection and fulfillment.

To learn more about RFMW, visit their Website at, or call us at 1.877.FOR.RFMW (367-7369), or via e-mail at