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MarkLogic® Enhances Data Hub With Embedded Machine Learning for Smarter Data Integration

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, the next generation data platform provider for
simplifying data integration, today announced Embedded Machine Learning
and other features in the latest versions of the enterprise-grade
MarkLogic Data Hub 5.0 and the MarkLogic 10 multi-model database. The
enhancements make MarkLogic’s full stack offering an unparalleled
enterprise solution for integrating, curating, securing, analyzing and
acting on business-critical data as MarkLogic pushes the limits of
modern data integration.

The MarkLogic Data Hub, running in the cloud or on-premises, sits on top
of the MarkLogic multi-model database, a NoSQL data platform that offers
agility and scalability, without sacrificing the security and data
consistency that enterprises require. With new features and
capabilities, Data Hub 5.0 becomes:

  • Smarter: Artificial intelligence underpins many of Data Hub
    5.0’s key capabilities, and Embedded Machine Learning—running close to
    the data at the core of the database, can be used to optimize
    important tasks such as fraud detection, personalization, diagnostics,
    and customer service.
  • Simpler: Data Hub 5.0’s customizable low-code/no-code
    orchestration flows make it easy for end users to map data sources and
    run matching and merging data flow processes—all while encapsulating
    data logic as close to the data as possible to improve governance and
    performance. Data Services simplifies data access and enhances agility
    by exposing only the aspects of data that end users and developers
    need. By providing granular request monitoring, it simplifies getting
    the most value out of a MarkLogic Data Hub.
  • More Secure: MarkLogic 10 and Data Hub 5.0 improve both
    security and governance with industry-defining capabilities such as
    automatic provenance tracking, more advanced graph security and more
    granular separation of duties.

MarkLogic pioneered the modern data hub, and with Data Hub 5.0 and
MarkLogic 10, the company is solving one of the biggest challenges
facing enterprises today: deriving business value from disparate data
quickly and intelligently while also enabling a holistic approach to
data security and governance. Unlike other attempts at data integration,
MarkLogic Data Hub not only lets organizations analyze the business, it
lets them run the business.

“MarkLogic continues to push the envelope to ensure that our visionary
customers have fast and secure access to the data and analytics they
need to run their business,” said Gary Bloom, CEO of MarkLogic. “There
is no better value today for organizations wanting a modern and
intelligent way to integrate, curate and create value from data than
MarkLogic. By adding machine learning to the Data Hub Platform and our
industry-leading multi-model database, MarkLogic sets the standard for
organizations to not only architect for their present and future data
needs, but to do so with the smartest data integration technology
available today.”

MarkLogic’s product leadership and ability to help large organizations
run core business functions are resulting in record demand for its
products and cloud services, including MarkLogic
Data Hub Service – a fully automated Data Hub in the cloud
MarkLogic is the value-leader for enterprises that need to integrate
their data, providing lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by delivering
greater agility, reducing complexity, and solving pricing predictability
to avoid unexpected spikes in cloud costs. Financial Institutions,
pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and more have benefited by
employing MarkLogic’s unique approach to simplifying data integration,
whether in the cloud, on-premises or across hybrid environments. As a
result, these organizations, and many others, have completed
business-critical projects faster, smarter, more securely, and in the
process, future proofed their systems as the cloud matures and business

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About MarkLogic

Data integration is one of the most complex IT challenges, and our
mission is to simplify it. The MarkLogic Data Hub is a highly
differentiated data platform that eliminates friction at every step of
the data integration process, enabling organizations to achieve
a 360 view faster than ever. By simplifying data integration, MarkLogic
helps organizations gain agility, lower IT costs, and safely share their

Organizations around the world trust MarkLogic to handle their
mission-critical data, including 6 of the top 10 banks, 5 of the largest
global pharmaceutical companies, 6 of the top 10 publishers, 9 of the 15
major U.S. government agencies, and many more. Headquartered in Silicon
Valley, MarkLogic has offices throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, and
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