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Marquette Savings Bank Partners With HT Mobile Apps to Offer Mpowered™ Savers

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Marquette Savings Bank announced today that it has partnered with HT Mobile Apps (HTMA) to offer Mpowered™ Savers, a free mobile educational application that is designed to demonstrate the benefits of saving to children ages three to 12 years old.

White labeled on HTMA’s Banker Jr. platform., Mpowered™ Savers is filling a financial curriculum void in schools and teaching children at a young age that money can be fun. With games varying in difficulty for children ages three to 12 years old, the informative games and lessons ensure that users are challenged to continue learning valuable skills as they play. Mpowered™ Savers helps children learn how to set savings goals, monitor their accounts and improve their financial literacy through games. Also, the app’s features include a section for parents to assign and track their child’s chores.

“I was very impressed with the HTMA team. They were very organized – we were told what to expect and the team delivered on time,” said Lisa Lopez, Senior Vice President of Deposit Operations of Marquette Savings Bank. “The quality of the product, ease of implementation and all the reports they have made available to us for tracking app usage have created an above average experience.”

Lopez continued, “Our community loves Mpowered™ Savers too, especially our schools. We have found that the teachers recognize that financial literacy is missing from their students’ curriculum, and with the platform, we have a way to help fill this void. We are excited to partner with HTMA and look forward to helping set children on the path to financial wellness with Mpowered™ Savers.”

“When we created this platform, we wanted to make an app that actually keeps children engaged,” said Kathleen Craig, founder and Chief Executive Officer of HT Mobile Apps. “Unlike many other apps, the interactive games, financial education and chores tracking creates an entertaining way for children to learn about finances. With Mpowered™ Savers, Marquette Savings Bank is truly setting this young demographic up for a more successful financial future, and we are thrilled to be part of it.”

About HTMA

Michigan-based HTMA is an innovative FinTech company serving banks and credit unions across the country to easily and cost-effectively introduce new services for attracting and retaining customers. HTMA offerings include Banker Jr., Member Jr., and now Plinqit, the first savings app of its kind that pays users for engaging with content through its patent-pending Build Skills™. For more information, visit

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