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Massachusetts Innovation Network Announces Inaugural Global Innovation Showcase

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The Massachusetts Innovation Network is pleased to announce its Global Innovation Showcase; an innovation bridge between countries and a virtual debut of international start-ups to the local market. Eleven companies will be featured on Wednesday March 24; they will deliver short presentations followed by Q&A sessions in individual, virtual, exhibit booths.

Mr. Mark F. Sullivan, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment (MOITI) will deliver the Welcome Address. MOITI is the Commonwealth’s primary international business development agency charged with promoting trade and investment with global partners in Massachusetts and around the world. Twenty-six Innovation Leaders will also join the showcase to welcome the cohort and meet the teams.

The cohort companies include:

Indian Biodesign Innovation Labs have developed RespirAID, a portable, affordable mechanical ventilation device that can stabilize patients in resource-constrained settings in the absence of sophisticated ventilators.

Czechian Crytur has an ultra-intense solid-state light source: lightweight, with tunable wavelength, low power requirement and high intensity luminosity, it can apply to a variety of industries and markets.

Swiss FairTiq is a transit ticketing app, based on check-in/assisted check-out technology. It requires no hardware, is user-friendly, automatically calculates best deals, and unlocks insights to support informed service and pricing decisions.

Belgian Geckomatics solves the scarcity of high quality, recent geospatial information. Users redesign outdoor mobile mapping, with a portable HD camera that can be mounted on any vehicle; it uses AI to analyze city infrastructure including trees, traffic signs, city furniture, etc.

Swiss Hydromea develops affordable, portable autonomous underwater drones, capable of monitoring and inspecting subsea infrastructure and underwater environments. Applications include offshore energy, hydropower, aquaculture, water treatment plans, and defense.

MyHabeats, is a Greek app acting as a digital assistant for post-bariatric surgery patients. Designed by bariatric patients and behavioral science experts and approved by surgeons, MyHabeats is critical in post-surgery care and behavior modification.

Swedish Scytáles technology allows any first responder or home care provider to securely access a patient’s electronic health record in real time through a hand-unit app, and ask for pro-diagnosis, adequate treatment preparation or reference to allergies and med interactions.

Swiss Securaxis combines Acoustic Technology with advanced AI and IoT, to add the missing layer to smart cities: sounds analytics (detection, geolocation, recognition and categorization), allowing for real time updates, alerts, and biodiversity monitoring.

Israeli Serenno Medical has a medical device that monitors ICU patients’ fluid output balance and predicts, identifies and avoids common life-threatening complications like Acute Kidney Injury.

British SERG Technologies has a Parkinson’s Diagnostic wearable device that quantifies the three primary motor symptoms: rigidity, tremor, and bradykinesia. Processing is completed on a cell app, enabling clinical use at home (or on the move), and instant symptom assessment.

Swiss Surgeon’s Lab creates bench-top realistic training phantom simulators (true scale of patient’s anatomy replica) for medical students, residents, and surgeons performing neurosurgeries. The micro-simulator is used to train microsurgical skills without endangering patients’ lives.

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