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MasterPeace Solutions’ Director of LaunchPad Operations, William Olsen, to Speak at the Lean Innovation Educators Summit

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MasterPeace LaunchPad, a technology accelerator run by MasterPeace Solutions Ltd., today announced that Director of LaunchPad Operations, William Olsen, will be speaking on a panel at the Lean Innovation Educators Summit, co-hosted by recognized entrepreneurs Steve Blank, Jerry Engel, and Pete Newell. The Summit brings together a select group of educators from across the country that are revolutionizing innovation and entrepreneurial practice through the Lean Innovation movement. Olsen’s panel takes place Wednesday, December 4, and will discuss creating and scaling national and regional programs.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity participate in the Lean Innovation Educators Summit,” said Olsen. “In addition to sharing the fundamentals of what makes our program effective, I look forward to enhancing skills, tools, and insights that we can use to continue growing and strengthening MasterPeace LaunchPad startups and entrepreneurs.”

Olsen leads MasterPeace’s LaunchPad program, which is modeled after the Lean LaunchPad start-up Business and Engineering school class taught at Stanford University. The program is based on a methodology created by Blank to support the launch of commercially focused technology companies. MasterPeace’s program covers all the technical and business aspects required to transform a startup concept into a viable commercial business rather than just coaching program members on giving fundraising pitches or product demos. Previously, Olsen ran an alternate version of this program during his time at Booz Allen Hamilton, which focused on Solutions Architects and used principles from I-Corps and Hacking for Defense to train 40 engineers in lean innovation practices which could then be applied to government technology services work.

Olsen’s panel will cover the differences between creating a program to teach Lean LaunchPad innovation processes and the latest MasterPeace incarnation that utilizes the full suite of Lean LaunchPad material to cover all the elements of building a commercial technology startup. Joining Olsen on the panel will be Matt Fante, Intrapreneur at the NSA; Whitney Tallarico, Tech Bridge Co-Founder at NavalX; Marco Bravo, Executive Director of the UT Austin|Portugal program at the University of Texas at Austin; and Max Weintrub, Program Manager at NSIN.

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