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Maternal Monitoring Solution from AlertWatch Focuses on Maternal Safety During Labor & Delivery

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., a leading provider of innovative clinical decision support
software, announced the commercial launch of its maternal monitoring
system, AlertWatch:OB.
The FDA 510(k)-cleared software helps clinicians monitor mothers in
the labor and delivery unit of the hospital by integrating hundreds of
data elements, assessing patient risk in real-time, and by alerting
providers using a proprietary maternal early warning score (MEWS) based
on national obstetric standards.

“Shockingly, every eight hours in the U.S. a mother dies during
childbirth. This rate is three times any other industrialized country,”
AlertWatch founder and University of Michigan anesthesiologist Dr. Kevin
Tremper. “And for every death, there are 70 near misses. Data shows
that many of these could have been prevented with a timelier response.
Before now, providers haven’t had a tool that gives them the right
information in time to intervene.”

To date, AlertWatch:OB has been used to assist with more than 10,000
births. In one recent study, a cross-functional survey revealed that 83%
of providers approved of the application. This novel labor and delivery
monitoring system is the first solution to integrate several critical

1) MEWS alerts with proprietary filtering to reduce
nuisance alerts by 95%

2) Automated risk assessment for each patient using the ACOG hemorrhage
risk guidelines.

3) Unit and patient-level dashboards with at-a-glance views across the
entire continuity-of-care.

4) Condition and provider-specific escalation pathways for improved
response time and collaboration.

“AlertWatch is the only FDA 510(k)-cleared solution focused entirely
on monitoring mothers during, before, and after childbirth,”
AlertWatch CEO Justin Adams. “We think AlertWatch:OB will help
providers significantly improve maternal safety.”

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