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Matterkind Expands Affiliate Business, Delivers Better Marketing Intelligence for Clients

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Matterkind, the activation intelligence company that connects people to what matters, today announced that its expanded affiliate business will help organizations deliver better marketing intelligence and measurable business results. This upgraded, more advanced service, which falls under the Outcome-Based Marketing practice, aligns with Matterkind’s addressable strategy by embracing a unique people first, data-driven approach. This same approach is now possible through affiliate programs that enable brands to become smarter and more efficient at how they message their customers.

Traditionally, affiliate marketing has been reliant on only a small number of partners and completely disconnected from media and advertising campaigns that often use media metrics as the determining factor of its success. By taking a more holistic data-driven approach, organizations can combine existing media and advertising campaigns with the crucial channel of affiliate marketing, tying both areas to real business outcomes and making direct impact in overall marketing efficiencies.

“Data driven and partnership focused strategy enables brands to streamline their marketing strategy and become more purposeful about their approach to reaching customers,” said William Hamer-Jones, vice president of partnership at Matterkind. “By allowing brands to pivot their affiliate program from a coupon and discount customer incentive strategy to a data-driven strategy, they can now heavily diversify this important revenue driver and eliminate the risk of overdependencies on a small group of third-party vendors.”

Matterkind is working with other Interpublic Group (IPG) companies to help brands embrace a data-driven affiliate program approach that can connect marketing silos and drive revenue. IPG’s Open Architecture business model ensures that no matter who the lead agency on the account is, they can tap into capabilities across all of IPG’s network to “field the best team” to service that account.

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