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Maverick Health Announces Fully Integrated, End-to-End At-Home Diagnostic Testing Solutions for Individuals and Organizations

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Maverick Health, a leader in at-home diagnostic testing, provides patients with actionable insights through a fully integrated and virtual physician network. Utilizing a cutting-edge technology platform, Maverick Health offers end-to-end diagnostic testing for a variety of conditions, including COVID-19, in a safe, convenient, and efficient manner for individuals and organizations.

Throughout the pandemic, Maverick Health has established itself as a leader in the healthcare community, partnering with state health departments, government agencies, and organizations to support COVID-19 testing for communities and individuals across the country. These public-private partnerships have provided a reliable and efficient way for people to get tested and receive their results. The Maverick Health platform supports end-to-end and custom-tailored solutions that include order fulfillment, physician oversight, patient and administrative portals, specimen analysis and reporting.

“We are thrilled with our partnership with Maverick Health,” said Britton Lineberger, Director of Chester County EMS. “As an emergency first responder organization responsible for more than 30,000 residents, we understand the importance of keeping our community safe. Working closely with Maverick Health has enabled us to test our employees and community members, ensuring we are safe and healthy during these trying times. Together we have established testing sites for community members as well as the ability for residents to order or pick up a saliva COVID-19 test and self-register and collect it at home. The ease of use of the Maverick Health platform, coupled with exceptional customer support and reliability, have proven invaluable to us throughout the pandemic.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred the need for reliable testing to help contain the spread of the virus. Working in close collaboration with institutional lab partners, including Rutgers RUCDR Infinite Biologics, Maverick Health offers the first FDA/EUA authorized at-home saliva COVID-19 test. “Maverick Health utilizes COVID-19 tests with industry leading sensitivity and specificity, ensuring patients receive reliable results and individuals and communities are safe,” said Dr. Seth Salpeter, Chief Scientific Advisor at Maverick Health. “The team has done a remarkable job as a trusted partner for many government agencies, organizations, and individuals, supporting scaled on-site and at-home testing.”

About Maverick Health

Maverick Health is a leading consumer health company dedicated to providing patients custom-tailored at-home diagnostic testing and actionable insights through a fully integrated and virtual physician network. Trusted by individuals, organizations, and government agencies for COVID-19 testing, the company is committed to providing innovative technology solutions that help reimagine healthcare, making it more accessible at-home.