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MaxLinear and AVM Attain XGS-PON Market Readiness with BBF.247 ONU Certification

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As the broadband industry accelerates fiber network rollouts across the globe, Broadband Forum today announced that MaxLinear and AVM are the most recent vendors that have attained certification for XGS-PON as part of its BBF.247 GPON Optical Network Unit (ONU) Certification Program.

The accreditation of the two new vendors highlights the importance of XGS-PON becoming the fastest growing technology choice for Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) deployments. In June, it was announced that the certification program had been expanded to certify XGS-PON ONUs to help facilitate global PON mass deployments and to help operators take a major step in network evolution.

The certification program addresses a variety of ONUs and once certified, the ONU products can be deployed faster with greater interoperability to existing Optical Line Terminal (OLT) equipment already deployed. There is increasing importance of XGS-PON in ensuring network deployments are future-proof, both for new greenfield deployments and power uses in a fiber overlay of brownfield deployments.

“The gigabit broadband future is based on fiber optics, with both users and operators looking for high-performance products right at the connection,” says Peter Faxel, CTO at AVM. “This certification for our FRITZ!Box 5530 Fiber confirms the reliable use of powerful Fiber/Wi-Fi CPEs in an open market.”

“We are excited to be a part of Broadband Forum’s BBF.247 GPON ONU Certification Program as the technology transitions to multi-gigabit access and we commence deployments of next-generation broadband services,” said Doron Tal, General Manager Broadband Access at MaxLinear. “We recognize the importance of certification, the value of industry standards and interoperability has never been higher in helping us deliver solutions that enable the future era of broadband.”

Currently, ONUs undergo rigorous testing at Broadband Forum’s official certification program test laboratory Laboratoire des Applications Numeriques (LAN Laboratory), using MT2’s ONU testing solution. More than 100 products have been certified since the program’s launch which helps ensure conformance and inter-vendor interoperability with GPON, XG-PON and XGS-PON technologies. The testing includes additions to the technology, extended OMCI messages format, Enhanced Unicast & Multicast Operations, and Capacity Tests & Performance Monitoring.

“The additions of MaxLinear and AVM reaffirms the continued importance of our certification program alongside our partner LAN Laboratory as operators across the globe look to expedite the deployment of fiber rollouts,” said Robin Mersh, CEO at Broadband Forum. “The certification ensures that operators and equipment manufacturers are investing in trusted and proven products that will provide their end-users with the exemplary service they expect.”

The certification helps provide network operators with the open specifications and open source references they require for faster time-to-market of services and technologies to their end-users and enhanced efficiency of their networks. The program also helps pave the way for the expansion of superfast broadband and the development of new technologies.

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