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MAXST Industrial AR Solution to Debut at CES 2020

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MAXST, a leading company of AR technology, will unveil Industrial AR Solution at CES 2020 which will take place in Las Vegas from January 7 to 10.

MAXST Industrial AR Solution is a service for those considering adopting a smart factory in their industrial sites. The service has 2 features: AR remote support and AR manual including authoring tool. MAXST collected requirements of industrial sites over the years, collaborating with Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motors, KT and more. Based on this, MAXST will launch the Industrial AR Solution soon to maximize productivity and efficiency.

With AR remote support based on Web RTC, a maximum of 4 people can collaborate and solve problems in real-time by sharing working sites screen. AR authoring tool is designed to make it easy and convenient to build AR manuals on their own without coding.

Mr. Jaewan Park, the president of MAXST, explained the benefits of Industrial AR Solution, saying “If the user utilizes both AR remote support and AR manual, work productivity will be increased because of synergy effect of these 2 features.” MAXST plans to release a beta version of the Industrial AR Solution in March 2020 and launch a full service in the first half of the year.

MAXST has participated in CES since 2017. In this year’s exhibition it will show not only the Industrial AR Solution, but also the AR Fusion Tracker which is the main feature of the most recent MAXST AR SDK v.5.0. AR Fusion Tracker which integrated the powerful world tracking performance of ARKit/ARcore into MAXST AR SDK. The demonstration of MAXST Industrial AR Solution and AR Fusion Tracker is available at CES, East Tech, booth#21920 at South Hall 1, LVCC.


MAXST is a South Korean company with its own AR technology. It provides MAXST AR SDK, AR Manual, AR Remote Support, and more, leading the AR market. MAXST AR SDK is an essential tool for developing AR apps and now being used in more than 30 countries around the world, with more developers picking up our tools every day. Also, the industrial solution of our company, which is totally based on our original technology, is being used by Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motors, DSME, and KT, as we engage in various cooperation programs with foreign enterprises.