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Medallion Financial Announces Second Fintech Strategic Partnership at Medallion Bank

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Medallion Financial Corp. (Nasdaq: MFIN, “Medallion Financial” or the “Company”) announced today that Medallion Bank (Nasdaq: MBNKP, “the Bank”) has entered into a definitive agreement with ClearGage, LLC to provide loan origination services. ClearGage operates a technology platform which allows merchants or providers to offer a point-of-sale consumer finance program and ongoing loan servicing for their customers with a focus on the healthcare and wellness industries.

Donald Poulton, President and Chief Executive Officer of Medallion Bank, stated, “We are excited to bring ClearGage onto our platform as we grow the bank with companies offering leading edge technologies that make financial services more accessible to consumers. Our effective and comprehensive compliance framework, along with our credit risk management and ongoing monitoring and testing, will be a positive addition to ClearGage’s offerings.”

“Partnering with Medallion Bank will provide a solid foundation to expand our technology offerings,” stated Derek Barclay, Chief Executive Officer of ClearGage. “We believe this engagement will complement our program to provide full-service patient solutions for healthcare and wellness providers ultimately leading to increased patient volumes and conversion rates, reduction in bad debt, and effective collections of receivables. We have a long-lasting relationship with John Taylor, the Senior Vice President overseeing the program at Medallion Bank, and look forward to accelerating our growth together.”

About Medallion Financial Corp.

Medallion Financial Corp. is a finance company that originates and services loans in various industries, and its wholly owned subsidiary, Medallion Bank, also originates and services consumer loans. Medallion Financial Corp. has lent more than $9 billion since its initial public offering in 1996.

About Medallion Bank

Medallion Bank specializes in providing consumer loans for the purchase of recreational vehicles, boats and home improvements, and offering loan origination services to fintech partners. The Bank works directly with thousands of dealers, contractors and financial service providers serving their customers throughout the United States. Medallion Bank is a Utah-chartered, FDIC-insured industrial bank headquartered in Salt Lake City with an office in Bothell, Washington, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Medallion Financial Corp. (Nasdaq: MFIN).

About ClearGage

ClearGage is a consumer-centric healthcare payments technology and financial services company providing payment processing solutions to the healthcare community. ClearGage’s sole purpose is to enhance the consumer’s quality of life by providing flexible and ethical payment solutions that enable them to receive and pay for the products or services they need or want. ClearGage recognizes the need for modern payment options and deliver innovative patient payment technology that significantly reduces accounts receivable, elevates patient satisfaction and increases total patient payments. To learn more about ClearGage, please visit

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